Wednesday 18 September 2019

The loves of my life... Sonya Lennon


Fashion designer Sonya Lennon
Fashion designer Sonya Lennon

The fashion designer, who is one half of the successful Lennon Courtney brand, chats to Elle Gordon about her favourite people, places and things


The person

My family is a tight and loving unit. It's impossible for me to separate out the elements. We are one thing.

The memory

We have a family tradition of going away the week before Christmas. It's a time to say: 'everybody calm down and remember what's important'. The first year we did it, we went to the Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, Co Waterford. It was a year of snow. The twins, Evie and Finn, were only seven, and we snuck them into the outdoor hot tub just before dinner. It was minus two degrees outside and everyone's faces were frozen, but our bodies were blissfully warm in the beautiful half-light overlooking the sea. I remember rosy cheeks, the illicit charm of doing something forbidden, and the simple joy of being there together. That picture will be in my head forever.

The moment of the day

At around 7pm, I sit down on my own and journal. I catch my breath, reflect, vision, plan, and exercise gratitude.

The song

The Beastie Boys, I Don't Know, from their album Hello Nasty. My favourite slow songs are by people who offer them rarely.

The movie

Oh, so many! But I come back time and time again to The Graduate.

The hero

My mum, for instilling in me a sense of independence and a value of work and high self-esteem.

The book

Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco - a great aul' romp.

The outfit

My printed Lennon Courtney jumpsuit, which lands in Dunnes Stores in January. I love it!

The accessory

My Opening Ceremony boots - they are killer winter boots with a red lacquered heel.

The gadget

Two in one - when my iPhone speaks to my Audi, we can all make sweet music together.

The hobby

I'm learning the ukulele. It's impossible to be stressed while holding a ukulele.

The pet hate

Passivity and fake tan.

The friend

The person on whom I can always rely, who makes me feel calm and complete.

The beauty product

I love Kinvara 24Hr Rosehip Face Serum.

The holiday

I'm hoping to go to India next summer with the family. I think it will be that one.

The piece of advice

The thoughts of doing something are always worse than the doing itself.

The drink

Tequila and pink grapefruit, please.

The hotel

The aforementioned Cliff House Hotel.

The bar

Any bar at the end of a long Atlantic beach walk, with a good glass of Guinness and a packet of Tayto.

The part of my body

I am very happy with my hair. I'm generally pretty happy with all of me.

The celebrity

I love Tilda Swinton for her madness, fabulousness, and the way she plays with preconceptions of modern beauty.

The virtue

Gratitude. I spend time being grateful every day. It is rocket fuel.

The vice

Just doing things and forgetting to let everyone else know!

The smell

Frankincense. I've been known to loiter outside churches, sniffing the air.

The taste

Salty seafood.



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