Tuesday 21 May 2019

The loves of my life: Sharon Hearne Smith, food stylist

Supervalu ambassador Sharon Hearne Smith.
Supervalu ambassador Sharon Hearne Smith.

The food stylist, author, and supervalu Ambassador on how two little girls have stolen her heart forever and why Martha Stewart is her hero.

The person

Two little girls named Pearl (5) and Poppy (1) have stolen my heart forever

The memory

When growing up, having the kitchen to myself on a Sunday afternoon to bake to my heart's content. Then filling my family full of treats and disasters

The moment of the day

Inhaling my two girls' enthusiasm and watching their happy faces as they help me cook

The song

Does the sound of an ice-cream van count? Great tune, filled with nostalgia!

The movie

Waitress. Stick me in that all-American retro-diner outfit and I'll happily make you pies all day. I'll have the 'marshmallow mermaid pie' over the 'baby screaming its head off in the middle of the night and ruining my life' pie any day, thanks

The hero

All hail Martha Stewart. Not so much for the prison part of her life. I'm thinking more the arts, crafts, cooking, gardening and home organising. I went to see her live TV show when in New York and now totally want my own version of the show here. Including the Jerry Springer-style audience chants. 'Go Martha! Go Sharon!'

The book

My second book, The No-Cook Cookbook, of course! I hope to convince those who don't cook that they don't even have to cook to cook, if you get me. Anyhow, I'll bash everyone over the head with this until they get cooking

The outfit

Check out the back of my new book to see me wearing my most favourite dress of all time ever. A flirty, flowery, little 1980s off-the-shoulder number in a 1950s style. A bargain eBay purchase

The accessory

Can someone please buy me an Orla Kiely handbag?

The gadget

Step away from the iPhone. When having time apart, I'm known to flirt with a Magimix food processor

The pet hate


The friend

Ah, I love all of my girlies. I have many great friends from every part of my life who still help keep me sane and strong

The beauty product

Rose water is my toner of choice. I like it because it screams of old lady chic, but also works fabulously in meringues

The holiday

I took a trip around the world as a year-long holiday about 10 years ago. Sri Lanka, India and Vietnam were my top three countries

The piece of advice

Several cookery show producers have advised me to keep steamer pans topped up. I've been known to burn water!

The drink

Having never been into whiskey, I was sold hook, line and sinker on whiskey sours by the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, at one of her show wrap parties. Delicious! However, as I'm currently breastfeeding, camomile tea is my tipple of choice

The hotel

Taxi, take me to Monart Spa in Wexford. This place, setting and land has serious healing and restorative properties. I would happily stay there wrapped in a white robe, with no phone, very little verbal contact with other humans and snoozing for several days. Make that weeks. Forever

The bar

I have to say my mammy and daddy's bar, the Lobster Pot in Carne, Co Wexford. My childhood bed was right above the bar counter, so I hold many local secrets going years back

The hobby

It's all about the cooking. Food vibrates my world, besides being my work, it's my passion and I hope I can inspire as many people as possible to fall in love with it too

The part of my body

While some suspect I have a wardrobe full to choose from, my beehive is proudly all my own

The celebrity

Despite ending up working with many celebrity chefs over the years, I was never one for being dazzled by celebrities in general. In fact, I'm renowned for not recognising them. I once asked James Nesbitt was he a chippy on the set of a Jamie Oliver commercial. On another occasion, I wouldn't allow Mike Tyson into the Ready, Steady, Cook studio, saying he would have to wait until I got the production manager down to talk to him

The virtue

Breastfeeding, thankfully having come really naturally to me, is the most rewarding thing I've ever experienced. It has made me realise just how caring and nurturing I am. Not to mention self-disciplined and strong for having sacrificed booze for a few years and counting

The vice

Nobo vanilla and coconut dairy-free frozen ice cream. As this is technically sin free, chuck a Tunnock's tea cake in on top for good measure

The smell

A Sunday roast cooking. And Escentric Molecules perfume

The taste:

All I can think about right now is that whiskey sour.

OK, and the Sunday roast . . .

Sharon Hearne Smith is an ambassador for SuperValu's Good Food Karma Project, which wants to get Ireland cooking just one more meal a week from scratch in a bid to build a healthier, happier nation

For recipe inspiration, see supervalu.ie

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