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The loves of my life: Paul Byrom



Tenor Paul Byrom

Tenor Paul Byrom

Tenor Paul Byrom

The Irish tenor chats to Chloe Brennan about his favourite people, places and things.

The person

Aside from my family, to whom I'm very close, the love of my life at the moment is my little dog, Bradley, who is loyal and endlessly loving. I've been fortunate to say I've been in love and have been loved. Despite the ups and downs love brings, I always quote Tennyson, by saying, 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all'.

The memory

I've so many great memories, but one has to be my first performance in Radio City, New York, to a full house. An amazing moment in such an iconic venue; it's something I'll never forget.

The moment of the day

When I get to Chapter 2 Fitness and get to park everything for an hour - and get my ass handed to me by the coaches! CrossFit is not for everyone, but it is for me.

The song

This would depend on my mood - I love such a wide range of music. I genuinely couldn't pick one song; this is a tougher interview than I thought!

The movie

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Oh, it has to be Gladiator. It's a classic, and I must have watched it 1,000 times.

The book

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I found the book truly moving, and a fantastic insight into life in Afghanistan. A very interesting and in-depth read.

The outfit

I've always loved putting on a sharp, tailored suit. I truly believe there is nothing better a man can wear.

The accessory

I don't really do accessories. From time to time, I'll wear a tie pin. However, as Shakespeare said, 'Sometimes less is more.' Maybe it's something I should consider for the Christmas list?

The gadget

I recently purchased my Samsung watch and I love it. Who would have thought that watches would have got so far advanced, and not just used to tell the time?

The beauty product

No products out there can help me, although I am a marketing person's dream. If it's packaged right and tells me I'll look like the model on the package, I'll buy 10! Ridiculous. Anti-ageing creams, for example… yet I'm still getting wrinkly!!

The piece of advice

I have always been fond of the phrase, 'Here for a good time, not a long time.'

The friend

I'm very lucky to say I have a great circle of friends from all walks of life; I could never single anyone out. Although they all know they play second fiddle to Bradley, my dog.

The hotel

The Shelbourne is my favourite hotel in Dublin, if not Ireland. The Shelbourne around Christmas is classy, and it's a landmark in Dublin.

The drink

I thoroughly enjoy a pint of Guinness, and if I'm going for a spirit, a classic gin and tonic will quench my thirst.

The bar

Gleesons of Booterstown Avenue would be my pick; it has lots of cosy corners. The Gleeson family are lovely, too.

The holiday

Over the past few years, I've developed a love for Marbella. I was at a wedding there recently, and it never disappoints. But moving forward, I'm going to get more adventurous. I love city breaks, and South America is on my list.

The pet hate

My pet hate is cyclists who don't feel cycle lanes need to be used and would rather weave in and out of cars. Also cyclists with no helmets or lights on their bikes, or those who run stop signs or red lights. Yes, I could rant for a while on this!

The hobby

I am football-mad. I would watch any match on TV. I love going to see Liverpool - and trips to Lansdowne [the Aviva] to watch the Boys in Green.

The part of my body

Sadly, I'm probably like most and see what I don't like, instead of what's good. All too often we put too much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way. I suppose I like my eyes.

The celebrity

Jimmy Fallon - I think he's great, and I really enjoy his show. I reckon we would have serious banter.

The taste

The taste of success. I have failed more times than most, and I will fail again. Then, on the occasions when I succeed, it tastes so much better.

Paul plays the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham in the family favourite 'Robin Hood' at The Helix, which runs until January 20, 2019. Tickets are on sale now from thehelix.ie



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