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The loves of my life: Marco Baldassari



Marco Baldassari, creative director of menswear brand Eleventy

Marco Baldassari, creative director of menswear brand Eleventy

Marco Baldassari, creative director of menswear brand Eleventy

The creative director of menswear brand Eleventy chats to Chloe Brennan about his favourite people, places and things.

The person

My wife, Monica. She's the true love of my life, my soulmate and best friend.

The song

I've Got You Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra. We always listen to this on our anniversary.

The memory

I love the Christmas holidays - we have a really close family and get together when we can. Christmas is always special, and some of my most treasured memories are from this time of year.

The moment of the day

I love the sunrise - 'after the dark, comes the light'. Each new day is full of potential.

The movie

I love Cillian Murphy in Inception - he's such a talented actor.

The book

I read whenever I can, travel schedule permitting. One of the first novels I was really moved by was Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.

The hero

My heroes are my parents. They've always been such a great inspiration to me; they're caring, hardworking and supportive.

The outfit

Eleventy, of course! We really care about our clients and making sure they have a complete outfit. We combine sartorial items in luxury fabrics with new combinations, so the look is sophisticated and modern.

The accessory

I love using my Eleventy backpack, it's really practical when I'm working on the road, and the leather goes with everything. We always use natural dye in our leathers, suedes and shearlings, so the colours get better with age, the more they're used.

The beauty product

I love Baxter of California's Hair Clay Pomade - it's a paraben-free styling clay that is infused with natural, ethically sourced ingredients such as clay and beeswax.

The gadget

My Apple Watch - it's truly the future. The watch can monitor sleep - in today's world it's essential to have an extra 'check' in place; the app is called Auto Sleep. We should all pay attention to how much sleep we need, and get, so we can keep up with our hectic schedules.

The celebrity

Ryan Reynolds - he's talented, has good energy and great style.

The friend

My best friend, Paolo Zuntini. We founded Eleventy together in 2007. We share a passion for Italian craftsmanship.

The holiday

I love the healthy, happy way of life in Capri. We have an Eleventy boutique in Anacapri at the Capri Palace Hotel, and it's been great to see the business do so well there. I love to visit the area with my family when we can.

The hotel

I prefer smaller boutique hotels, as I enjoy getting to know the teams when I travel. It's always good when you're able to support the smaller businesses, especially the family-run enterprises. At Eleventy, we have 94 different micro-enterprises; each one is a specialist in their field.

The piece of advice

My favourite piece of advice would be: 'Do the best you can'. Every day is a new day, and we should always look to improve.

The drink

Coconut water. It's been dubbed 'Mother Nature's sports drink' and athletes swear by it. I drink it often when I'm travelling for work.

The bar

I'm always impressed with the countryside pubs in England and Ireland. The food is amazing; it's farm-to-table healthy food and great value. There's also a great atmosphere, especially in summer.

The hobby

I enjoy keeping fit and learning how best to improve. My Apple Watch helps with that.

The part of my body

My eyes and ears. I love to people-watch and to interact with people. Interaction is my inspiration for the new collections, as we aim to make people's lives easier by learning what's needed in the market. Our motto is: 'Live life with Eleventy'.

The smell

Our Eleventy fragrance, Platinum, is chemical-free and molecular, so the scent is personal to each person.

The taste

I'm friends with the Michelin-star chef Andrea Berton - he's so talented. It's been great trying out some of the new creations he works on.



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