Saturday 25 November 2017

The loves of my life: Maia Dunphy

Broadcaster and writer Maia Dunphy has teamed up with Nurofen for Children. Photo: Barry McCall.
Broadcaster and writer Maia Dunphy has teamed up with Nurofen for Children. Photo: Barry McCall.

Her baby son features prominently in the broadcaster and writes list of loves, while Johnny Vegas is her favourite celebrity.

The person

My baby son, Tom Laurence

The memory

My parents taking us to see the Switzers windows every Christmas. It was basically Disneyland to anyone who grew up in Dublin in the 80s

The moment of the day

Getting into bed! I am a terrible sleeper, but always hold out hope of a few hours

The song

Common People by Pulp. The entire Different Class album is one I can play back-to-back and never tire of

The Movie

Back to the Future. If I stumble across it on TV, I'll sit and watch it. Somewhere, in a parallel universe, there's a 10-year-old me still fawning over Michael J Fox

The hero

I have two - Tom and Helen Dunphy (aka my parents). They are wonderful, and I owe them so much

The book

I'm looking forward to re-reading all of Roald Dahl with my little boy

The outfit

My wedding dress. I chose it so quickly, and wondered if, in the future, that I'd wish I'd taken longer to decide, but I still take it out every now and again and just marvel at it. I just wish I could wear it again without a whiff of Miss Havisham

The friend

I'd get into trouble if I named just one! I have a handful of great, great friends, and they really do know who they are

The accessory

My grandmother's engagement ring. I think of her every day when I put it on

The gadget

It's not terribly original, but my iPhone. I'm obsessed

The virtue

Kindness. There's not enough of it anymore

The vice

Stubbornness. I know I'm guilty of it

The hotel

The Shangri-La Rasa Ria in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. My pal Alice and I had been roughing it for over a year when we had the opportunity to stay there for free. It's a long story, which I won't get into here, but to say we couldn't believe our luck would be an understatement

The holiday

Our honeymoon in Vietnam

The piece of advice

Never mix the grape and the grain. I've lost days from wine-and-spirit hangovers

The drink

Vodka and Diet Coke, or Champagne. Or both, on a good night out. But please refer to 'the piece of advice'

The bar

The rooftop bar of the Eme Catedral Hotel in Seville, Spain. It's in the shadow of the cathedral; it's quite dramatic when the bells sound. Closer to home, Bowe's on Fleet Street

The hobby

Sewing. I did courses at the Grafton Academy many moons ago, but it's a time-consuming hobby

The part of my body

I've never been able to say that I have a favourite body part; I'm a bit hard on myself that way. Basically, I'm thankful everything works

The smell

The smell of the Guinness brewery in Dublin that hits you somewhere around Christchurch. On cold, still mornings, it covers the city like a blanket of barley and malt. I love it

The taste

Warm, fresh bread with lashings of real butter. I know, in the current climate of clean eating, that's probably tantamount to heresy

The celebrity

That funny guy off the telly - Johnny Vegas. He's got lovely eyes.

The pet hate

Procrastination. I'm a doer, and I get so frustrated with people who waste time

The beauty product

Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer

Maia Dunphy has teamed up with Nurofen for Children on its #FeverFighters campaign. She's helped to create a series of parenting videos which are available on the Nurofen for Children app and Nurofen Ireland YouTube Channel

Twitter @MaiaDunphy

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