Wednesday 21 August 2019

The loves of my life: Joanne Mooney


DIY expert Joanne Mooney
DIY expert Joanne Mooney

The creative DIY whizz chats to Chloe Brennan about her favourite people, places and things.

The person

My husband, Gary - who hates social media, so is invisible on my social platforms. But, behind the scenes, he does 80pc of the work. He manages my accounts/finances and helps me run my online business. He has the patience of a saint, because he puts up with me and my constant DIYing and painting in our house.

The memory

Sitting in a deckchair on the beach on Long Beach Island in New Jersey, 1999. I was in my 20s and had not a care in the world. I was an au pair and living my best life. I spent my summers on the beach. Great memories.

The moment of the day

First thing in the morning when I wake up. My head is buzzing with ideas for the day. I am at my best in the mornings. By 3pm, I'm done.

The song

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, sung by Eva Cassidy, always makes me cry.

The movie

Dumb & Dumber. It makes me howl with laughter.

The book

The Woman in the Wood by Lesley Pearse.

The hero

My mammy. She is my mam and dad all rolled in to one. I lost my father

before I was born. She's 80 this year, and I hope I am just like her at that age.

The outfit

It's always a pleated skirt, runners and a T-shirt. And a vest; always wear a vest.

The accessory

Probably my bright-orange Marc Jacobs handbag.

The gadget

My iPhone.

The drink

Red wine, always. Even if it gives me monster hangovers.

The advice

Not to care what other people think about you. I always tell my two teenage daughters to be themselves; not to follow the crowd; don't be a sheep. I think as I get older, this is easier for me. In my teens and 20s, I was so insecure and really wanted to fit in. I am going to be 46 in August, and I really do not give a sh*t what people think. If you don't like me - jog on!

The pet hate

Anyone who calls me hon, hun, hunni or babe... I hate it.

The bar

I live in Swords, and I like the Cock Tavern. It's a really cosy pub.

The beauty product

I am not really into beauty products. I love DKNY perfume.

The holiday

Always New York. I love it. I hate sun holidays because I am hyper, and the idea of sitting by a pool all day kills me. Plus, I have pale Irish skin that burns. I usually sit under an umbrella, wearing false tan that ends up looking filthy by the end of the holiday. I would rather go on a city break and have a good snoop around.

The hotel

I stayed in The Hoxton Hotel in London and loved it. I loved the interior decor.

The hobby

DIY and writing. Not writing as in creative writing, but actual writing. I love handwriting in different fonts.

The part of my body

Oh gosh. It's all starting to go south at this stage, If I was to pick one part of my body, it would be my creative hands. I have the same-shaped hands as my mother.

The celebrity

Busy Philipps. I follow her on Instagram, and she cracks me up, and she is beautiful.

The virtue

Loyalty and honesty. Especially in friendships, you have to be loyal.

The vice

I don't rest myself. I am always on the go. I am always up a ladder or making something. People tell me to rest. I tell them, 'I'll rest when I am dead'.

The smell

A Sunday dinner. Chicken in the oven. Just the smell of home cooking. It warms my heart.

The taste

It has to be an Eton Mess.


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