Thursday 19 July 2018

The loves of my life: Hollie Creedon, owner, Cobbler's Wardrobe

Hollie Creedon
Hollie Creedon

This fashionable lady loves the two main men in her life, her dad and her fiancé, is a keen foodie and swears by Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.

The person

I think I would be in big trouble if I didn't give my husband-to-be a mention! Honestly though, he's just the best, and has always supported me in everything I do. He makes me laugh every day, and I think that's important

The memory

I have such fond memories of the summer months in Brittas Bay as a child. We would stay in my grandparents' house, which was near the beach, and back then it was so sunny. All my mum's family came together, and there was constant messing and lots of laughter!

The moment of the day

Dinner time. I am such a foodie, and dinner is, hands-down, my main meal of the day. I look forward to kicking off my shoes, sitting down at the table, discussing the day and enjoying good food

The song

Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The movie

Cinema Paradiso. It's a simple story about the love of cinema and the deep relationship that develops between Alfredo and Toto. It gets me every time

The hero

My dad

The book

Gone with the Wind - an obvious choice, perhaps, but it's a classic and always an enjoyable read

The outfit

Everything from Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. The costume design in that film was stunning

The gadget

I suppose most of us would say our phones, and while, admittedly, I am a little addicted to mine, I would have to say my laptop. It's my work companion, and I'd be lost without it

The accessory

I love a good belt. I think it accentuates your shape in ways that other accessories can't. A belt can add structure, colour and a bit of oomph to so many outfits. Most of my favourites are belts I've picked up abroad, or in second-hand stores

The pet hate

Bad drivers, or those who don't gesture a thank you for helping them out. People in general who don't say 'thank you' grinds my gears

The friend

Oh, I couldn't pick one. I have such a fantastic group of friends, from different circles. I am still very close to my school friends, both from primary and secondary, and they are all so weird and wonderful

The beauty product

Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Cream for lips and hands. It's always in my handbag!

The holiday

I love the heat, and a relaxing sun holiday, but I also really enjoy heading off on a city break. I love nothing more than having free time to roam old streets, stopping for a coffee or maybe a glass of wine, people-watching and enjoying the local cuisine. A weekend in London is hard to beat, but Amsterdam is a great city, too

The piece of advice

Don't make decisions when you are angry. Sleep on it. I always find that after 24 hours, it doesn't seem to bother me quite so much

The drink

Oh, coffee - if I smell coffee, I want one!

The hotel

Powerscourt Hotel in Wicklow - a beautiful backdrop, great spa, tasty food and very happy memories from there

The bar

Probably Maison Premiere in Brooklyn, New York. It's a little oyster and cocktail bar with a vintage vibe. Inside the round marble bar is a laboratory of crafty cocktails, and the staff are dressed in waistcoats and bow ties

The hobby

Photography. When I have time, I love to go walkabout with my DSLR, and am often referred to as 'the paparazzi' at a wedding or party. I love to document special occasions, milestones and get-togethers, but, more importantly, I love to capture and cherish the little moments. It could be a stroll in the park, a lazy day in, or someone reading a book

The taste

Anything home-cooked. My mum and dad are amazing cooks, and they put so much love and effort into their meals

The celebrity

A hard one. Maybe Kate Hudson. I love her style, and she seems pretty chilled; I think I'd like to have a beer with herself and Goldie Hawn; I'd imagine that would be a fun evening

The virtue

Appreciation. I try to see the good in everything, and am always grateful for things people do for me, no matter how big or small

The vice

I have no patience in the car; I may have slight road-rage

The smell

It has to be fresh basil, or fresh ginger

Cobblers Wardrobe, 4a Sandymount Green, D4, is a designer consignment store and shoe repair service, see

Instagram: @cobblerswardrobe

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