Saturday 24 August 2019

The loves of my life: Doireann Garrihy


Doireann Garrihy
Doireann Garrihy

The broadcaster chats to Chloe Brennan about her favourite people, places and things.

The person

My Dad, Eugene. He always sees the bigger picture in times of chaos or worry. He's the definition of cool, calm and collected. Well, maybe not collected...we'll swap that out and put 'creative' in instead, meaning he's always good for coming up with a Plan B.

The memory

Cycling around Inis Oirr with my sisters Aoibhin and Ailbhe. Jumping off the pier and having the best tans as a result of windburn from the sea air. God be with the days of SPF being a casual suggestion!

The moment of the day

That few seconds after my alarm goes off in the morning when I think, "Right, what's the plan for today again?" I love that every day is different with what I do. Whether I'm interviewing someone for my podcast The Laughs Of Your Life, or teaching speech and drama to 35 children, there's never a dull moment.

The song

Cherry Wine by Hozier. I can safely say I'm not a bandwagon fan, I knew his first album inside out within a week!

The movie

Crazy, Stupid Love. Is that a basic answer? Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell are a dream team, not to mention Emma Stone.

The book

Notes To Self by Emilie Pine.

The hero

My mom, Clare. She has never shied away from being totally honest with Aoibhin, Ailbhe and me. The older I get, the more I see the benefit in that. We'd be lost without her.

The outfit

Spanx leggings (life-changers), runners and an oversized, colourful, cosy jumper. I love to dress up, but 90pc of the time I go for comfort. I like to call it tomboy chic!

The accessory

My Littlesmith gold chain that has 'Beautiful Day' written on it. Well, it's actually spelled 'Dzay'. It's a long story. But I wear it almost every day.

The gadget

My iPhone. I'm working on using it less...kind of.

The hotel

Cliff at Lyons. Total relaxation.

The friend

Marie-Claire Whelan. We've been friends since junior infants. She's the most unassuming, calming person and beautiful in every way.

The pet hate

Inconsiderate parkers. Be it leaving too little space for the person beside them to get into their car, or point-blank taking up two spaces.

The beauty product

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronzer & Glow palette. I am a sucker for a good contour.

The hoilday

I'm not big on holidays. As I'm technically a freelancer, I get antsy about what I could be missing at home. But I know I need to get over that and embrace trips abroad. So to answer the question, you can't beat the Costa del Sol!

The advice

My mom always quoted Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio when we were younger, saying, "Always let your conscience be your guide." I refer to it all the time.

The bar

Can I pick a pub? McDermott's in Doolin, Co Clare. The best crab claws and trad music.

The drink

Aperol Spritz.

The part of my body

At the moment, my skin. I've suffered with acne quite a bit, so to finally have my skin in good condition is a great confidence booster.

The celebrity

Fearne Cotton. She just oozes cool.

The virtue


The vice

Chocolate. What else?

The hobby

Walking my sister Ailbhe's dog, Bobby. I live with Ailbhe, so have the perks of a cute puppy without the actual dog-owner responsibilities!

The smell

Portrait Of A Lady by Frederic Malle. I have no interest in designer bags or shoes, but I love good perfumes, and I think this is one of the nicest out there. It contains 'rose essense and patchouli heart'. Sold.

The taste

A crisp, cold glass of Vina Sol on a hot day. My mom's going to kill me for mentioning alcohol twice...


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