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The loves of my life... Daniella Moyles, model and writer


Daniella Moyles. Photo: Kip Carroll.

Daniella Moyles. Photo: Kip Carroll.

Daniella Moyles. Photo: Kip Carroll.

The model and writer details the loves of her life including her boyfriend, Jack Kerouac's masterpiece and Russell Brand.

The person

My boyfriend, D

The memory

Waking up in New Orleans

The moment of the day

Night-time, it's when I'm most productive

The song

Anything by Bonobo

The movie

Eat, Pray, Love or La Vie en Rose or The Jungle Book - I can't choose

The hero

My beautiful, happy, kind, brave, funny, smart, incredible mam. I adore her

The book

On The Road, Jack Kerouac

The outfit

Preferably a swimsuit, straw hat and no shoes

The accessory

My Filofax. I have to write everything down, and I love making lists

The gadget

My Nikon L35 AF-3 from 1987

The pet hate

Negligence towards nature and our beautiful world. Recycle, or plant a tree

The friend

I could never pick just one

The beauty product

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

The holiday

Backpacking and hostel-hopping along the east coast of Australia, alone

The piece of advice

Perfectionism prevents progress

The drink

Coconut water from a real coconut, on a beach

The hotel

Monart in Wexford. Heaven

The bar

Can I have wine in my sitting room with my friends instead?

The hobby

Yoga mornings with Gillian at Ashtanga Yoga Ireland in Temple Bar

The part of my body

My legs or hands

The celebrity

I like Russell Brand for challenging the usual celebrity role

The virtue


The vice


The smell

The ocean; freshly cut grass; flowers

The taste

Buckwheat pancakes at Yogism in George's Street Arcade

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