Sunday 18 March 2018

The loves of my life... Chupi Sweetman-Pell, jewellery designer

Chupi Sweetman-Pell
Chupi Sweetman-Pell

The jeweller on the loves of her life which include her husband and the smell of tomato leaves.

The person

My husband. Incredibly soppy, I know, but he's my best friend and fiercest opponent. He drives me absolutely crazy and makes me unbelievably happy

The memory

Last September, standing beside Brian (my husband) at the top of the chapel, about to be married, surrounded by everyone we love most in the world. It was unbelievably magical

The moment of the day

I'm such a morning person, so I love first thing in the morning - the feeling that you could accomplish anything in the world

The song

Into My Arms by Nick Cave. It makes me sad and joyous in the best ways

The movie

It's terrible, but I'm not a movie person. I love documentaries best

The hero

My little sister. She has been through so much and has come though it all. She just got a place at her number-one university and I couldn't be prouder

The book

Lord of The Rings. Over one glorious winter when we were kids, my mum read LOTR every evening for myself and my brother. It fired my imagination

The hotel

Bellinter House in County Meath. Absolute heaven

The outfit

I wore a bespoke Zoe Carol dress to Kerry Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago; it was beyond beautiful, and I keep trying to come up with reasons to wear it again

The accessory

My emerald rock. I made it for myself to celebrate everything I had learnt as a designer

The gadget

We were given a Polaroid camera for our wedding, and it is bloody amazing

The pet hate

Negativity. Of course everything will be awful if you expect it to be awful

The friend

My lovely godson, Ruben, who isn't even one yet - I just know we are going to be besties

The beauty product

Liquid eyeliner, how I love thee. It's instant 'fabulous' in a tiny bottle

The holiday

Can I say a future one? We are taking our honeymoon in Vietnam this summer, and I cannot wait

The piece of advice

My mum instilled in us that we could be anything and do anything we wanted to; I live by that rule

The drink

A St Germain Sidecar. Boozy, sweet, with a twist of elderflower

The bar

O'Connell's on Richmond Street in Dublin. The ultimate local's local, with no music, no TV, and G&Ts for €5

The hobby

Eating. I love eating! A friend told me once that I don't travel, but eat my way across the world

The part of my body

Like most women, I have a complicated relationship with my body, but I love it's strength and ability to do amazing things

The celebrity

This is a tricky one - celebrity culture makes me so sad! Can I say Chris Hadfield, the astronaut? If I was a kid, I'd want to be him!

The virtue

I hope that my virtue is I'm a good friend; I love very wholeheartedly

The vice

Wanting to do everything in the whole world, I'm incredibly impatient

The smell

Tomato leaves - the fresh, green smell takes me straight back to our greenhouse at home in Wicklow

The taste

Sweet. I am a sugar addict

The new Chupi collection is available at the Kilkenny Shop, Nassau St, D2; Galway; Killarney, and online at

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