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The loves of my life: Caroline Matthews, Fashion and bridal designer

Fashion and bridal designer, Caroline Matthews. Photo: Dave Conachy
Fashion and bridal designer, Caroline Matthews. Photo: Dave Conachy

Her parents and brother feature highly in the loves of her life, as does dark chocolate.

The person

I don't have just one, as I'm greedy. Both my mum and dad have been amazing and such a rock of support, but if I had to say one, it's been my brother. He's an entrepreneur himself and has given me so much advice and inspiration while starting my own business

The memory

I have tons of them, including winning Irish Fashion Designer Of The Year in 2015 with Cork Fashion Week, and getting our collection into Arnotts. But I have spent the first two months of 2016 in Austria and Italy working on my business, while also being able to do my other passion, which is snowboarding

The moment of the day

The morning. I love the morning. I use this time to take our dog for a walk, plan my day, and just be out in nature! It's important to me to spend this time by myself

The song

Right now, it's Coldplay, Adventure of a Lifetime. It resonates with my trip away in Austria and Italy, and it's all about taking chances of a lifetime, which is exactly what I am doing with my life right now

The movie

It has to be Point Break. I love this movie, and it reminds me of when I lived in Sydney

The hero

My dad - he has been a support to me in my business since I began. He's been in the industry himself, and it's always good to get advice from people who've been there

The book

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I love to read books about journeys in life and about inspiring people. The Alchemist made me look at how I live my daily life

The vice

Any good-quality, 80pc dark chocolate. I love it

The outfit

Well, of course it's something from our spring/summer 2016 fashion collection: our kimono jumpsuit, which is so comfy, stylish and has been selling out in Arnotts [Caroline is wearing the jumpsuit in her photo, above]. When I designed this, I had a little feeling that it would be a favourite, and so far that's coming true!

The accessory

I am never without a big handbag . . . it holds everything, including the kitchen sink!

The gadget

Unfortunately, it has to be my laptop - as I work from anywhere, I constantly have this with me. I would be lost without it

The pet hate

Dishonesty. This is a biggie for me, both in my personal and business life. You can never build a great relationship based on lies

The friend

My beautiful best friend Ashling. She is Irish but lives in Sydney, and has done for many years. She never judges me, is always there for me, even though she is far away from me, and she keeps me high when I'm feeling low

The beauty product

A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea by Origins. It smells amazing first thing, and it keeps my skin feeling super soft, which is important as you get older

The drink

Grey Goose Vodka with sparkling water and freshly squeezed lime - perfect!

The hotel

The Sofitel in Vienna - we were there in January and it has the most amazing rooftop bar, with 360-degree views of the city

The bar

The rooftop bar in the Vienna Sofitel, as mentioned above - and the food is out of this world

The holiday

I have had some amazing holidays, but the most memorable one so far was my trip to India, which was mostly business, but as our family is from India, it was amazing to see this country. Obviously the poverty is awful, but the colours, the traffic, and the food are things I will never forget

The piece of advice

Always, always follow your gut - for years I had listened to my heart and head, and although it served me well, listening to my gut has been the best advice I could have given myself

The hobby

Hiking and snowboarding. I love to be out in nature, and I love the snow. Combining both of these is a perfect day off for me

The part of my body

My eyes - I have blue eyes, which, in our family, is different, as everyone has dark hair and dark eyes

The celebrity

Victoria Beckham. I love her style, her ethos, and she is a huge inspiration to me. What she has done with her business over the last five years is unreal - she has really shown her talent through her fashion label

The virtue

Loyalty. Anyone who knows me knows that I am 100pc loyal to everyone I am close to. I expect the same in return. It's a small thing, but can have a big impact

The smell

Tom Ford Black Orchid. I wear it all the time, and I love the musky smell of it

The taste

My dad's homemade curries. Since we are super fortunate to have authentic, home-made curries, whenever I get a chance to go home, they are my go-to food. They take Dad all day to prepare and taste divine!


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