Saturday 18 November 2017

The loves of my life: Brittany Mason, activist, actress and model

Brittany Mason. Photo: Kip Carroll
Brittany Mason. Photo: Kip Carroll

The activist, actress and model on why her boyfriend is her soulmate and on what it was like to drive in Ireland for the first time.

The person

My boyfriend. He is my soulmate, best friend, love of my life, and partner to take on the world with, all in one. He inspires me to do and be the best version of myself every day

The memory

Driving in Ireland for the first time! In America, we mostly drive automatic, and the only automatic available for me to rent was a minivan. So the first time I drove on the opposite side of the road was in a minivan, in the snow. I was terrified, but I survived

The moment of the day

When I come home after a long day to my puppy, Alfie, a fluffy little Pomeranian

The song

The boyfriend of one of my best friends plays Hamilton in the Broadway show of the same name, and I recently saw it in New York. It was incredible, and I can't stop listening to the soundtrack

The movie

I Am by Tom Shadyac is life-changing, and a film everyone should watch

The hero

I love strong, independent women, so I'm going to have to go with Wonder Woman

The book

Many Lives Many Masters by by Brian Weiss transformed my life. It put a lot of things into perspective about the world. After reading the book, I tried past-life regression myself and began learning and pursuing holistic healing practices.

The outfit

Silk pyjamas. I feel comfortable and sexy at the same time

The accessory

I love jewellery that has meaning behind it. I have my great-great-grandmother's wedding ring from around 1800. It's just a simple gold band, but I love it because of what it symbolises.

The gadget

Recently Amazon released Alexa, she's basically your personal assistant for your home. She will do just about anything you need her to do

The hotel

The Dean Hotel. They have the best view of the city up top, and I love the atmosphere

The vice


The pet hate

I absolutely hate negative thinking and people that gossip. I really believe that we are all made of energy, and negative energy transfers

The friend

The first friend I made in Dublin is another model named Gail. She has been so kind to me and my boyfriend, always inviting us to events, introducing me to people, and making my birthday special

The beauty product

Coconut oil for everything! I use it to take off make-up, as moisturiser, and I cook with it, because beauty starts from the inside out

The holiday

Halloween - I love the idea that you can dress up, be anything you want and eat all kinds of candy. What's better than that?

The advice

Before competing for Miss Teen Indiana, I was literally shaking in my heels. A friend said to me, "That is not stage fright. Those butterflies are a sign from your body telling you that you have done absolutely everything you can to prepare for this moment." I ended up winning that pageant, then nationals, all the way to second place in the world competition

The drink

I love whiskey, and Ireland has the best! I have had the best Old-Fashioned cocktails here in Ireland

The bar

37 Dawson Street. I always have a great time there, and I love the decor

The virtue

My loyalty to people. Sometimes it ends up hurting me, because there have been many times where I've gone above and beyond for people, and they were just using me. As much as that hurts, I still choose to always see the good in people

The smell

I'm obsessed with Lavande candles from Archipelago. There is something so calming about lavender and cucumber

The hobby

Reading. I'm a total book nerd

The taste

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream! Nothing beats chocolate and peanut butter

The part of my body

When I started modelling, my bum caused me issues because the fashion industry wanted super-thin models. While I am thin, I have always had a 'bubble butt'. Because of the scrutiny, I became very self-conscious, until one day I had enough. I hope every woman out there struggling with self love learns to embrace their body and to love every curve of it!

The celebrity

Beyonce. She's classy and gritty. Creative and fearless. I feel her work proves there are many layers to a woman. She inspires me to slay all day


Instagram: @brittanymasonofficial

Twitter: @brittany_mason

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