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The loves of my life: Blanaid Hennessy owner, folkster fashion stores

Blanaid Hennessy, folkster fashion stores owner
Blanaid Hennessy, folkster fashion stores owner

All her family get a mention in the loves of her life and the fashion store owner also admits to being a comfort hound when she gets home.

The person

My entire family is incredible - I am very lucky. But Conor Langton is most definitely the main love. He's an illustrator; I like the way he looks at the world, he's supportive, and, creatively, he inspires me hugely

The memory

I looked around me at Folkster's last Kilo Sale and saw Conor, my family, friends and the Folkster team working so hard to make it happen. That realisation of being surrounded by brilliant people will stay with me forever

The moment of the day

I'm not going to lie - getting home after a long day and taking my bra off. I love playing dress-up, but I'm a comfort hound when I get home

The song

I love everything from Sigur Ros to 1990s R&B, but for timeless 'giving me emotions' it has to be This Woman's Work by Maxwell, or To Build A Home by the Cinematic Orchestra

The movie

I'm definitely a recent convert to, and now addict of, older movies - anything with James Stewart or Cary Grant. So far, my favourite has been The Apartment with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine - it's just genius

The hero

My parents - we got lucky in the parent lottery. They're mad as hatters, inspirational, funny, hard-working and honest, decent people

The book

I love reading, but the busier I get, the harder I find it to stay awake at night. Instead, I basically eat books when I travel, and recently read Asking For It by Irish author Louise O'Neill - the book has an important, empowering, incredible message that can't be ignored

The outfit

We've just secured some new LA stock for Folkster, and my current favourite going-out rigout is one of our black, distressed gradient tops, a linen eyelet skirt, our new velvet heels, and a choker necklace

The accessory

I bought a vintage leather belt with a pouch for my phone/card/lipstick in Canada on a trip recently, although I am getting adamant with our suppliers that everything needs pockets! Everything! I think they're sick of me asking for things with pockets and/or sleeves at this stage

The gadget

Boringly enough, it's my iPhone - between mails, our Folkster Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, etc, I'm pretty much on it all the time

The pet hate

I honestly don't take offence easily, but I once had someone assume that my dad or another man must surely be 'the brains' behind my business. Myself and Paula [logistics manager, Folkster] had a good laugh about it, and then got back to work

The friend

Oh no - this is impossible! I love all of my friends, but I'm so lucky to have a sister like Roisin, and my brothers, Aran and Eoin

The beauty product

I use Jan Marini products. They last ages, so I just save money on the cheaper products I used to buy, and invest in this range instead

The holiday

Conor and I recently visited Texas and New Orleans, and Savannah, Georgia on a buying road trip, which was incredible. Marfa or Gruene in Texas were highlights

The piece of advice

"Work hard and be nice to people" - we live by that in Folkster, and I hope our customers feel it when they visit. Our team are smart, lovely folks, eager to learn the business of fashion

The drink

Dry martini with ginger ale - it's pretty light, which is perfect for me, as I am a complete lightweight. I used to love going out, but that's pretty much game over since the stores opened. I'm just not able for the hangovers

The hotel

Conor's family hotel - Langton House Hotel in Kilkenny. The hard-working team there are inspirational, and they are constantly pushing the design boundaries

The bar

The Marble City Bar on High Street, Kilkenny, because it also serves my favourite meal: the chicken and chorizo salad

The hobby

I do love when Conor and I manage to get the same night off to watch something like Making A Murderer. Is it ridiculous if I also say my job is like a hobby? I just love it - even with the stress and responsibility, it's all part of an overall wonderful package

The part of my body

I'll go with my brain - at least I know that when I don't have time to exercise the rest of me, that part is still being challenged and trained and educated on a daily basis. I know I'll get it wrong sometimes, but all I can do is keep trying to learn to be better

The celebrity

Amy Huberman and Angela Scanlon. It's inspiring to watch them work hard, live a full life, and be such genuinely decent people

The virtue

Nothing can beat basic 'goodness' - I have been overwhelmed by the support of our customers. They take the time to make us feel proud of what we do

The vice

An inability to take responsibility for our actions is one vice that can start small enough, but lead to huge issues. We take the power out of mistakes in Folkster by making them learning opportunities. It's as Oprah Winfrey as it gets, but it works for us!

The smell

The sea. Nothing clears my mind like being by the beach. Almost anything can be solved by a walk in the fresh air with a good listener. Oh, and also newborn babies - not the nappy end

The taste

Anything baked by Ger, Rosemary or Dolores in my family, especially my addiction - coffee cake. I have turned to toast with Kerrygold butter and marmalade as my comfort food since I was about four. You can't beat it

Folkster, 27 Patrick St, Kilkenny; 9 Eustace St, D2, see

Instagram: @shopfolkster

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