Saturday 18 January 2020

The little Teddy cat found under a tree

My pet

Yvonne Ferry

My name is Teddy, but I'm not a bear. I'm a tabby cat with grey and white fur.

I live in an estate close to town. I was adopted four years ago. I was found under a tree with two siblings when we were little kittens. I don't know were my mother went, but she looked after us for as long as she could and we survived.

I lived happily in my present home until about two years ago, when an intruder, a small cheeky cat, arrived. I think he strayed in and my owner (my human mama) decided to keep him - without consulting me!

After a while, we became friendly, until he grew up and became my rival! I was here before him and I'm taller than him. He has a very loud purr, in fact, my mama says he could purr for Ireland, but I doubt that. I purr when I'm happy. I'm especially happy when I'm on mama's lap being petted. I like the outdoors, and go roaming at night. I'm wary of strangers, and dogs are my enemies. I don't like wheelie bins or when men come with bags on their backs.

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Once, after a fight with Junior cat, I stayed away for a whole week. Mama was worried, but of course she had a great welcome for me when I came back. Sometimes, I kill mice, and hunt birds. I know she wouldn't like me to kill birds so I keep that part of my life a secret. I love the fine weather and stay in when it rains. I eat well and often get a treat or a bit of mama's food and it's usually (but not always) to my taste.

I sleep a lot and love to stretch out and relax.

When I was younger, I loved to play with a little red velvet mouse. I used to kick it under mama's armchair, and do my best to retrieve it. I still kick a ball around for exercise. This is known as paw-ball, and I'm quite good at it. Sometimes, I run up the stairs and tumble on the landing. I saw a comfortable bed upstairs once. Alas, mama wouldn't allow me to sleep in it, but I have my own cosy bed in the conservatory, so I don't complain. I'm a good-natured, contented cat. I don't mind as long as mama doesn't favour Junior cat over me. She knows her place, and I love her. That's all my news. I'm due a nap, and later I'll have my dinner - so love and licks and bye bye!

Name: Teddy

Finest hour: Being found under a tree

Likes: The outdoors

Dislikes: Wheelie bins

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