Monday 16 December 2019

The life and times of Boring Kearney

Residents of Sheriff Street enjoy a bonfire on Halloween night in Dublin. Photo: Arthur Carron
Residents of Sheriff Street enjoy a bonfire on Halloween night in Dublin. Photo: Arthur Carron

Guess my favourite time of year? No, not Christmas, or even the month before Christmas, also known as November. It's Halloween.

Yes, the time of year when everyone goes a bit crazy and goes trick or treating. Dave likes tricking, however, I prefer treating. This year, I was ready for all the local kids calling round and I got a big bag of apples. All the kids in the area know how crazy we are, which is why nobody came to the door. They were probably frightened of what we would be dressed up as.

As we were holding an outdoor gathering in the form of a bonfire in a possibly flammable area, I had warned the fire brigade of its existence. I also did a crash course in fire safety just in case. Our bonfire was quite the sight; it consisted of a fire-lighter and five twigs, which I sourced myself. I cordoned off the area and let her rip.

What a sight it was, it almost lit up the lawn. We also set off two sparklers in a controlled environment; we didn't want the bomb squad around after all. Afterwards, me, Dave and Ben went off to the Leinster Halloween fancy dress party.

We were initially unsure as to what we would dress up as, but as luck would have it, Howard left Take That just as Ben arrived to stay with us - there was only one thing for it, we would go as the remaining three members of Take That. I was Gary, Dave was Mark and Ben was the other guy.

I said to Luke on the night, "Great costume, love the mask", but Luke said he had forgotten it was a fancy dress party and came as himself. Well, I didn't know where to look. Brian even turned up dressed in a hi-viz jacket. What an outfit. It's great having Ben around the place. He must think we are crazy, not going to bed until after 7pm and using 5 on the toaster setting. I was actually surprised Matt let him stay with us as we might be a bad influence.

This week, we are going shopping with Ben for a hot water bottle. Well, we are a bunch of lads about town, what do you expect!?

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