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The knowledge: To edit your make-up bag


Aerin Lauder likes to change the palette of her make-up according to the season.

Aerin Lauder likes to change the palette of her make-up according to the season.

Aerin Lauder likes to change the palette of her make-up according to the season.

Aerin Lauder, founder of Aerin Make-up gives the inside track on the essentials for your make-up bag.

Find multi-tasking essentials

An SPF product should be the most important thing in every woman's make-up bag as it prevents environmental damage to the skin. I use a foundation with SPF: the two products in one means a bottle less to clutter up my bag. Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder is another of my multi-tasking must-haves. It hydrates your skin and minimises lines, but my secret tip is to use it as a highlighter and dot it on top of a finished make-up look for a dewy finish. Bronzer is a great product because it gives you a healthy glow and you can use it on your eyelids as eyeshadow, with a slick of lip balm on top. Nude lipstick, nude lip gloss and a brown eyeliner are my other staples, and I have multiple tubes of lip balm that I seem to find everywhere.

Update for the seasons

Although my essentials generally stay the same, I like to change the palette of my make-up according to the season. I like to build up brown eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara in winter for daytime drama. For spring I like pink cheeks and use tinted moisturiser for a fresh-skin look. Lip gloss and gold eyeshadow look great in the summer. I also love the idea of having a strong weekday look and something more natural for the weekend. Wear lip gloss at the weekend and lighter shades on your eyelids. Lipstick, black eyeliner and maybe two coats of eyeliner instead of one can be saved for the week.

The products to invest in

You can tell the difference when you invest in a more expensive fragrance. It will make you smell - and feel - luxurious, special and unique. People have said that you pick a fragrance with your mind - responding to the advertising campaign or the bottle - and not necessarily your nose. My top tip is to choose the one whose scent you are most naturally drawn to. I also think foundation is worth investing in because the ingredients in more expensive products are great. Go to a beauty counter and ask a professional make-up artist to match your shade.

Choose your brushes

Make-up brushes are a very important part of a make-up collection because they really do create a finished look. You don't necessarily need a whole range. A powder brush (the dense, short-handled kabuki brushes make-up artists use are great for travel), a foundation brush and an eyeshadow brush are essential. Make sure that you wash them at least once a fortnight, especially if you buy brushes with natural fibres. I keep mine in a little cup on my bedside table.

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