Sunday 17 December 2017

The knowledge: Hugh Laurie - how to do fuss-free grooming

Hugh Laurie as Dr Greg House
Hugh Laurie as Dr Greg House

The actor imparts some tips, including how to moisturise in about one-and-a-half seconds.

Make time to moisturise

A men's moisturiser is a product I really do like. The whole operation takes about one-and-a-half seconds; I am not so busy that I can ignore that. I also recommend a mini facial. A massage around the jaw feels lovely and doesn't take hours, as I'd imagined.

Invest in shaving products

I always travel with a good shaving kit, though I didn't shave when I was filming House. When I started doing the show, Gillette razors had two blades, and that was considered quite racy. When I finished, eight years later, they had five. I'd forgotten how to do it. Toothpaste is my other essential. I can go without antiperspirant, and I'll leave skin and hair care to the make-up artists to sort out while I do a sudoku, but I never compromise on dental hygiene.

Have a signature scent

I think fragrance is important, but it takes confidence to say, 'That's who I am'. It's a rather defining moment. Women get more accustomed to making a fragrance statement - they start buying perfume earlier than men. I do love scent. On an airplane last week, I asked the flight attendant what cologne he was wearing; I started looking forward to him coming down the aisle. I'd like to own a parfumerie and launch a range of fragrances. 'Gunpowder' would be my first.

Get a classic haircut

I generally prefer the way Englishmen look to American men. No matter what their job is, American men are immaculately groomed. Their hair is blow-dried, and they all seem to carry a comb in their pocket. I recently had dinner with George Clooney; he was impeccably turned out. You don't see so much of that in England, outside of football's Premier League. I love going to an old English barbers for the experience of it.

Build a grooming kit

My sons have told me that concealing any sort of blemish is the road to happiness. I take some advice from them. They have inspired me to invest in some more products, and although I don't use tubes upon tubes of them, I do like to be well turned out.

Keep it casual

I prefer a relaxed approach to looking good. Over-grooming seems a waste of time; one could learn the trombone instead. When I see very well-groomed men, I treat them with suspicion. It's easy to become misguided in terms of what looks good. Try to keep some perspective - don't get carried away.

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