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The knowledge: Get catwalk 'everyday' hair


You can achieve 'catwalk' hair everyday by following our expert advice. Photo: Deposit

You can achieve 'catwalk' hair everyday by following our expert advice. Photo: Deposit

You can achieve 'catwalk' hair everyday by following our expert advice. Photo: Deposit

Expert advice on how to get your tresses looking their best.

Keep it natural

Natural hair means no blow-drying, tonging or brushing. It's on trend for spring/summer 2015, and when it's worn with a cashmere sweater or a beautiful white shirt, it looks understated and effortless. It's an easy everyday option, because all you need to do in the morning is shampoo and condition it. If you want to add some movement through it, go to bed the night before with your hair damp. Keeping your hair in top condition with a great cut and up-to-date colour will help it look groomed, and will ensure it looks rich when left to dry naturally. If you feel your hair looks dull, add some shine spray, but go gently with the application as it can flatten hair.

Braid for bad hair days

Braids always look good - even when your plaiting skills aren't up to scratch. Braid Aid 03 by Redken is a texturising cream that gives hair hold and stops plaits from fraying, which is helpful if you don't have much time. Another product that looks great in braids is gold or silver gel or spray - gold for dirty blondes, silver for dark hair - as it adds lovely metallic flecks.

Add interest

Use hair accessories to add some style to a simple hair look. Keep them minimal: for the Celine spring/summer 2015 show, I looped a top section of hair through a hooped gold barrette clip - but you can do the same with a barrette from your local pharmacy. A beautiful fresh flower can make a dishevelled updo look really pretty, and I always have a black stretchy headband in my toolkit to pull hair away.

Style it French

If you haven't washed your hair for a couple of days, a messy French twist is an elegant look. Spray a texturiser through your hair, then use your fingers to rake it back to the top of your head. Twist it in a vertical roll and secure with bobby grips. Use the point of a tailcomb to loosen some hair around the crown. Allowing pieces to fall out adds to the dishevelled look.

Boost texture

Texture is an easy way to make hair look modern. Another trend for spring/summer is a 1960s-style teased crown, which I created for the Prada show. It shouldn't look perfectly smooth as it did in the 1960s, but loose and textured. It's very flattering, looks really cool and adds a softness to your style. Spray texturiser at the root of dry hair around your crown, whether your hairstyle is up or down; then use your fingers to create texture, and the point of a tailcomb to loosen your style. There are so many great texturising products available in the shops now and they are easy to use, as they don't make hair greasy.

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