Sunday 25 February 2018

The Edge: The beautiful Alison Doody is solo again

Amicable end: Alison Doody's engagement to Tadhg Geary is over
Amicable end: Alison Doody's engagement to Tadhg Geary is over
His own style: Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern
Trip from LA: Sonya Macari flew with husband Colin and their baby Evie from California to Ireland. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Ahoy there: Prince Albert now has yachting ties to Cork
Radiant: Andrea Corr was at a swish wedding in the South of France along with her husband, Brett Desmond
Luminous: Amy Huberman was in Eathos on Dublin's Upper Baggot Street
House guest: Ralph Fiennes stayed with Michael Colgan
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

Sound the trumpets! Hark the herald angels sing! And then some. That angelically gorgeous ex Mount Anville student - and perhaps Ireland's most beautiful blonde - is single.


Alison Doody, the ex wife of Gavin O'Reilly, has been single since March, when her engagement with dreamboat beef baron Tadgh Geary came to an amicable end.

So amicable that they are still great friends. So amicable, in fact, that even their friends wouldn't be surprised if they got back together one day in the distant future.

Alison's relatively recent new relationship status is, of course, a great boon for smart, sensitive, discerning males in Ireland, and further afield. But don't expect to see the transcendantly attractive Grace Kelly doppelganger hanging out at the bar of The Shelbourne or The Dean.

For starters, her dedication to her kids is set in stone and unshakeable.

Secondly, exceedingly stylish and elegant Alison is far more likely to be at a dinner party with her close friends - Aisling Gleeson and beef baron Gerry Purcell; ex A-Wear supremo and now charity queen Deirdre Kelly and her husband, BMW dealer Tom Murphy; Rhona Blake, Ireland's foremost PR woman (a fellow former Mount Anville stunner too) and husband horse-racing guru Charlie Murless; achingly hip, to say nothing of dashing, New York hotelier John Fitzpatrick - all of whom are unanimous in their loyalty and support and indeed love for the ex-Bond girl (she was in 1985's A View To A Kill.)

A source in Alison's chic camp told me that she is in a very good place in her life and is in no rush to find a new love.

I have always found Alison, in my dealings with her over the years, to be absolutely charming, lovely even. (My late father Peter taught her to drive, once upon a time, in Dalkey.)

If her impressive acting career is any hint as to her future romantic path, I might suggest that since she was so good playing archaeologist Elsa Schneider in Indiana Jones Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in 1989, that she might perhaps go for an older man?

Daughters throw Thai bash for Bertie

I'm with Jerry Seinfeld on this. You can tell what was the best year of your father's life, because they seem to freeze that clothing style and keep with it. Bertie Ahern, in particular,  seems to be rocking the same clothing look for the last three decades - a suit that is neither in nor out of fashion for a man of  a certain age - and so it proved in Siam Thai in Malahide where his two daughters Georgina and Cecelia Ahern rocked up to honour their famous daddy on his big day.

No - he wasn't, alas, announcing that he will be running for Fianna Fail in the next election. It was a Father's Day's celebration for the one-time big daddy of the party.

Georgina and Cecelia came with their respective kids and partners, Nicky Byrne and David Keoghan. Georgina and Nicky only had a short trip to make as they live nearby in that exclusive enclave of bling, Abington. There were enough in the group (16 in total) for this to come under the category of party politics, something Mr Ahern was well versed in during his time as Taoiseach.

On the previous night, Cecelia was warming up for her Father's Day Bash for Bertie with her glamorous gal pals - chief among them, Yvonne Keating, Lisa Duffy plus six other equally glam girlfriends - for a mini bash of her own in House on Leeson Street. Plus ca change, (look it up!) as they, perhaps, still say in parts of D4. They all arrived at 7.30 to a table in the back of the garden and had a bottle of champagne on arrival. Lisa left at 9-ish to go to a hen party but the rest of the group stayed on.

On the Sunday afternoon, Lisa's other half Keith Duffy came into the garden area of House with his father Sean and son Jay to celebrate Father's Day.

All about Evie, for airborne Colin and Sonya

Your diarist has a farmer's tan - end of T-shirt arm to hands, a slightly ridic pink-ish hue - from a week in soar-away Wicklow.Rob Kearney, however, went further afield for his deeply bronzed Adonis look. The Ireland and Leinster rugby star jetted to the Dominican Republic to top up his tan with his lovely girlfriend, Jess Redden.

So if you see the happy couple around Dublin looking even more body beautiful than ever, now you know why, OK?

Also looking particularly sun-kissed were musician Colin Devlin and his beautiful actress wife Sonya Macari. I bumped into them last Sunday afternoon in the Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa in Enniskerry. They had just flown in, business class, from their home in Los Angeles with their nine month old baby - Evie - who slept all the way from La La land.

Allow me to explain. Colin and Sonya gave the baby one of their business-class seats to sleep stretched out on, while they took turns on the other seat and walking up and down the plane.

Doubtless for Colin and Sonya this accentuated Joseph Heller's maxim in Catch-22 that in an airplane, there is absolutely no place in the world to go, except to another part of the airplane.

They were staying in the five-star establishment in County Wicklow for a few days before jetting off to Spain to hook up with Sonya's sister Virginia and Colin's sister Sharon Devlin and family for a low-key holiday/catch-up in the sun. Colin was able to take this longer than expected break as he had been billed to play the much-lamented Killarney Festival of Music & Food.

Meanwhile back in LA, Colin's almost-sister by marriage, Victoria Smurfit, is busy as the proverbial bee. "I'm off to film in Portland next month," she told me, "A Mean Girls for grown-ups movie. I have one called Bait releasing in September. A thriller."

And no better woman.

Cork floats Prince Albert's boat

You know the recession must be nearly at an end when - as your diarist can exclusively reveal -  The Royal Cork Yacht Club has been twinned with Yacht Club de Monaco. Be that as it may, my Deep Throat on the French Riviera tells me that The Royal Cork Yacht Club is the first Club to have been invited to twin with Yacht Club de Monaco since 2006.

Would it be uncouth for me to say this will only add to the airs and graces Cork people already have about themselves?

Crosshaven man Gavin Deane, General Manager of the Royal Cork Yacht Club, flew over to the South of France last weekend to hang out with Prince Albert and seal the deal. Well - he is President of Yacht Club de Monaco.

Gadabout Gav hooked up with the follicly challenged reigning monarch of the Principality of Monaco at a reception attended by 1,500 at the newly built yacht club, followed by dinner for 200 grandees. Only 200? Quelle horreur, as they still say somewhere on The Cote d'Azur. Two prominent guests at the dinner were Eddie Jordan (of Formula 1 fame) and Harry Gibbings (originally from Cork), both of whom reside in Monaco and are overseas members of Royal Cork Yacht Club.

So, expect lots of well-born Cork patricians pitching up in Monaco soon to show the locals what real class is.

I'm already practising my Montenotte accent in anticipation.

Andrea and Brett light up French Riviera at wedding

Talk about stating the complete bloody obvious: Andrea Corr was looking radiant at a wedding in the South of France last weekend.

Uh, he-llo. The Corr is, of course, to radiance what Roy Keane is to glares. Luminescent Andrea and husband Brett Desmond were two of the best-known names at this pukka do in the Cote d'Azur.

Almost as aglow was Anna Kirwan, who was at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby at The Curragh Racecourse last weekend with her rugby beau Ian Madigan, who plays for Leinster and Ireland.

Part of Anna's - and, let's not be sexist - Ian's added radiance can be partly attributed to the fact that they have just returned from a swish sojourn in Dubai.

Amy Huberman was also the very picture of luminosity on Tuesday afternoon at Eathos - which the lovely, dare I say dazzling, Ann Marie Nohl is involved in - wearing a beautiful summer dress.

My Deep Throat in the chic new eatery on Upper Baggot Street told me that "she looked amazing and it is always a pleasure to see her." (One of Amy's brothers used to work for Ann Marie in The Gables restaurant and wine bar in Foxrock, once upon a time.)

A Fiennes bromance for Michael and Ralph

At the risk of alerting the Revenue, my old mucker Michael Colgan seems to be running a very upmarket B&B to the stars out of his mansion on Waterloo Road.

Recent weekend guests have included John Hurt and Michael Gambon - I'd say that was a cheery weekend at the Gate Theatre's artistic director's pad.

But moustachioed Michael had surely the most illustrious house guest of all last night when Ralph Fiennes flew in to say with him for the weekend. Ever the genial host, Colgan even picked him up at the airport.

They were expected for dinner last night in The Cliff Townhouse on Stephen's Green after taking in a preview performance of A Month In The Country a few hours earlier - and adapted by Brian Friel too.

(Personally, I'd love to see Friel's adaptation of a night on the town with Colgan and Fiennes. Dancing at Lillies, Not Lughnasa.)

Ralph, of course, starred in Friel's Faith Healer at the Gate in 2006. So the Fiennes bromance between Ralph and Colgan continues.

Despite Colgan's best B&B skills, Ralph is not, sadly, expected to stay on for the opening night of A Month In The Country on Tuesday at The Gate.

Still, you can console yourselves with the mouth-watering possibility that everyone from Alison Doody and Aisling Gleeson (with whom Colgan had lunch on Wednesday) to President Michael D Higgins and wife Sabina, actor and comedian Ardal O'Hanlon, Love/Hate actor Peter Coonan - to say nothing of John McColgan and Moya Doherty, Harry and Rita, Gay and Kathleen - will be there in Mr Fiennes' fine stead.

Don't be unduly surprised to see any of the aforementioned luvvies turning up at the breakfast table at Colgan's other venture on the other side of the city on Waterloo Road any time soon for a long break.

A Month On Waterloo Road, even.

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