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The Edge: Robbie's hat-trick of nights out on the town

Shooting star: Robbie Keane and wife Claudine
Shooting star: Robbie Keane and wife Claudine
Triple whammy: The Crimmins girls - models Alison, Laura and Nicola - were spotted at Lillie's Bordello last Saturday
Celia Holman Lee and John McNamara
Noelle Campbell-Sharp pictured amongst paintings in exhibition by Brian Ferran "The moon's course and the vikings". Photo: Caroline Quinn
Adele King aka Twink pictured at the VIP Style Awards 2015 at the Marker Hotel in Dublin. Picture: Arthur Carron
Jules Coll
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

Robbie's keen. You have to give him that. The football deity scored a hat-trick of sorts in Dublin last weekend.

Not on the pitch - the field of dreams where over his 18 years playing for his country he scored a record-breaking 68 goals - but among the nocturnal delights of the capital city.

And after such a long and illustrious career (from playing for, among others, Wolverhampton Wanderers in 1997 to Inter Milan in 2000 to Spurs in 2002 (and 2009) to Liverpool in 2008 to LA Galaxy from 2011-2016) the Tallaght titan deserves it.

So, anyway, last Friday, after receiving an award for his outstanding service to the Irish team at a ceremony in The Conrad Hotel on Earlsfort Terrace, Robbie popped into House around the corner on Leeson Street at 1am with a group of friends and, his beautiful wife Claudine. The latter looked positively radiant in a strapless velvet dress (that wouldn't look out of place at the Oscars in Claudine and Robbie's adopted home-town of LA next month.)

They enjoyed drinks in House's luxurious VIP conservatory where they stayed until the early hours...

Robbie is clearly still fit because on the following night he was back on the town again visiting 37 on Dawson Street with some old friends before heading across to Xico on Lower Baggot Street where he stayed until late.

On Sunday night, he completed his hat-trick when he went on the town for the third night in a row. He returned to 37 for a few scoops before returning again to Xico later for yet more merriment.

Play fair to the thirsty Tallaght titan.

Cool Kim Kennedy Smith homes in on Dublin switch

Kim is keen too (sorry - you have to read Robbie Keane above to know what I'm on about. Don't worry: my wife never knows what I'm on about, either).

The daughter of former US Ambassador to Ireland - Jean Kennedy Smith - Kim is looking to buy an apartment in Dublin because she spends so much time here.

Maybe Trump would make her US Ambassador to Ireland and be done with it?

Her mother certainly did a great job here from 1993 to 1998 befriending the likes of Bono, Jim Sheridan and Gavin Friday et al.

Having flown over recently from her ranch in Arizona for the launch of her pal, Alan Amsby, aka Mr Pussy's book Before I Forget to Remember last November in Lillie's Bordello nightclub, young Kim was back last week to hang out with Alan in Dublin.

They went to Magistorium on South Anne Street on Saturday night and were spotted at the matinee of West Side Story at the Bord Gais Theatre last Thursday afternoon, before Kim flew back to America the next morning. Alan tells me that Kim is jetting back in March for the launch of Guildford Four man Paddy Armstrong's book.

Paul Hill - also of the Guildford Four - of course married a Kennedy, Mary Courtney Kennedy, one of the children of Robert Francis Kennedy. So there is a family connection here.

But back to Kim Kennedy Smith and Alan Amsby, aka Mr Pussy.

Their travels also took them back to their favourite fleshpot, Lillie's Bordello on Saturday night.

In that night too were the Crimmins triplets - models Alison, Laura and Nicola - straight from the Tommy Tiernan gig on Vicar Street, and TV stars Alan Hughes of Ireland AM and Rory Cowan of Mrs Brown's Boys.

Celia to honour fashion guru McNamara

SN Celia and J.jpg
Celia Holman Lee and John McNamara

Beautiful Annette Rocca will be heading to Limerick on April 6 for a major fashion show. How do I know this? Because her VBF, Limerick legend Celia Holman Lee - who is  organising the event - told me.

The show at the Hunt Museum is, Celia added, "to honour my best friend John McNamara".

Fashion designer John (pictured with Celia) passed away after a short illness, aged 57, in 2015. "It's a celebration of his wonderful designs and will be supported by his massive following of friends," said Celia, adding that they have a Fashion Award Bursary in his honour for up-and-coming fashion designers. "I loved that man so much," continued Celia, passionately, "as did all of Limerick".

Ginger spice Noelle seeks love at 73

SN Noelle Campbell.jpg
Noelle Campbell-Sharp pictured amongst paintings in exhibition by Brian Ferran "The moon's course and the vikings". Photo: Caroline Quinn

It's possibly an apocryphal story but I love it anyway. And so should you. Noelle Campbell-Sharp, the proprietor of Dublin's Origin Gallery and the creator of the Cill Rialaig artist project in the wilds of Kerry, began, and ended, her first job a long time ago when her boss told her when she went to work wearing a trouser suit - that either the trousers go "or we won't be able to keep you on". Unsurprisingly, Noelle (inset) chose the trousers.

Now 73, Noelle told me that she "feels 37 and I'm on the lookout for a new lover". Noelle added that she had a great birthday, hosted by friends, in Langan's Brasserie in London's Mayfair last week.

"Peter Langan used to come to Dublin regularly. I used to drive him around places like Le Coq Hardi restaurant in Pembroke Gardens to meet Mrs Keane," she says referring to her late friend Terry. "They say he set the house on fire."

Setting the Irish art world on fire, Noelle has Leah Hewson showing in the Origin group show next Thursday and at the RHA on February 16. "She is an amazing artist," says Noelle.

As is - now that I think of it - Twink, albeit an amazing performer and national treasure to boot. After saving her beloved house from the clutches of the banks, Twink (below) looked in good form when I spotted her last Thursday night in the upstairs lounge area of The Westbury.

And why not? When Twink heard the news that she was not losing her house in Knocklyon, she was dignity personified: she went and lit a candle in the local church.

Adele King aka Twink pictured at the VIP Style Awards 2015 at the Marker Hotel in Dublin. Picture: Arthur Carron

Single Jules hopes to score at the Emmys

Jules Coll

The irony is certainly rich. Jules Coll, the author of Flabyrinth: My Escape From Maximum Insecurity Prison has yet to escape from the prison of being single, sadly. Her last date was coffee with a guy she matched with on Tinder two months ago. "He turned out to be at least 10 years older than his profile and picture portrayed," she told me, "and he had the personality of a pigeon - a dead one at that".

The good news for Jules - if you could call it good news - is that she has been hibernating with her laptop, "beavering away on a script for a TV show that I believe has international potential. Hopefully I'll score at the Emmys! I'm upping my game in the world of screen-writing and I'm also presenting my own online show in the coming months. It has nothing to do with health, weight or fitness, I'm going back to my comedy roots and finally fulfilling my dream of releasing my inner Oprah," says Jules who famously had gastric bypass surgery and lost nine stone in 10 months.

Jules is going to need a charisma bypass if she doesn't find Mr Right, too. I'm joking, of course.

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