Saturday 24 February 2018

The Edge: Nadia has a ball with rugger beau Dom while Lucy jets off to France

Nadia Forde enjoyed a romantic sojourn with boyfriend Dominic Day at the Powerscourt Hotel in Co Wicklow. Photo: David Conachy
Nadia Forde enjoyed a romantic sojourn with boyfriend Dominic Day at the Powerscourt Hotel in Co Wicklow. Photo: David Conachy
Patti Smith was spotted fine dining with Glen Hansard
Superstar Bono really pushed the boat out on Charlotte Quay
Party: Heather Humphreys
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

There was a right (Ennis) Kerry-on last week. Naturally, it took place in the Powerscourt Hotel where Nadia Forde and her Welsh boyfriend Dominic Day decamped to enjoy some all-too-brief nights of passion. The reason I say only a few nights of passion in the five-star Powerscourt Hotel in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, is because rugby player Dominic flew in from Japan - where he plays for Toyota Verblitz in Nagoya - before jetting back east this weekend.

Princess Nadia, alas, can't go back to Japan with him because she is playing Princess Jasmine in the Cheerios Panto Aladdin at Dublin's Tivoli Theatre from December 13 until early January. Nadia told me that she has been consumed by deep thoughts of late. "I got to Ireland last Tuesday and I was in an acting class discussing a Jungian moment in a character's story," she told me, not explaining whether it was Princess Jasmine's Jungian moment or not, "and I realised that's exactly what I had last year!" Indeed.

Be that as it may, next year the actress will relocate to Australia to live with Dominic when he transfers to the Melbourne Rebels.

Meanwhile, gansey guru Lucy Nagle was spotted at a swish wedding in Hotel du Cap in Antibes, Cannes, two weeks ago. My spy in the French Riviera tells me that it was a Magnier wedding no less. Tom Magnier and his lovely wife Sophie, who married in Barbados in 2006, were guests this time around, and travelled to Paris for a brief sojourn ahead of the bash in the Côte d'Azur.

Patti & Glen in Marco's, while Killian watches rugby in House

What happens when two great songwriters -  albeit from different eras: the 1970s and 2000s respectively - meet up in Dublin?

Difficult to say, but Patti Smith, iconic singer of Because The Night and People Have The Power, and Glen Hansard did go to dinner at Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill on Dawson Street last Monday evening.

The last time I saw Patti, who was in Dublin last weekend to receive the Edmund Burke Gold Medal from the Trinity College Historical Society, was at the Vatican with Dolores O'Riordan, just before Christmas in 2013.

Perhaps she and Glen, two of my favourite artists, will consider recording something together in the near future. Around the corner from Marco Pierre White's, over in House on Leeson Street, another artistic type, Irish actor and Love/Hate star Killian Scott, was in with some friends last weekend.

On Saturday evening, he joined others in the GlassHouse section of the hip establishment, where they celebrated a friend's birthday and enjoyed - along with the rest of us - Ireland's victory over New Zealand.

Senator Catherine in romantic recess

It might seem to some of us in the real world that politicians are permanently either on holiday or in some sort of recess or other.

Your diarist is going to call Senator Catherine Noone's recent situation - which I'll get to in a moment - her own, very private, romantic recess. Ms Noone is undoubtedly one of the most selfless hard-workers in the Upper House of the Oireachtas.

She works such long hours that you wonder just how she could accommodate a private life. Or indeed a significant other.

But accommodate a significant other the dashing ginger goddess of the Seanad did.

Sadly, I can exclusively report that Catherine will no longer have the problem of combining her work life with her love life as she has very recently broken up with Barry Flanagan, her boyfriend of two years.

"It just ended. Break-ups are tough on everyone," she told me, "but there are plenty more fish in the sea."

The senator has been travelling far and wide, possibly in search of the aforementioned fish in the sea. She was in Chicago last weekend for some rugby match. "I bumped into Minister Shane Ross in The Gage bar and restaurant owned by Senator Billy Lawless," she told me. "Senator Neale Richmond, Senator Paudie Coffey, Senator Padraig O Ceidigh were all present at a Glanbia function at Billy's place."

Catherine was also at soar-away senior counsel and trustee of Fine Gael Frank Callanan's 60th birthday, at his Georgian gaff recently.

An Taoiseach was there with his wife Fionnuala. There were also about 200 other people present, among them Jim O'Callaghan, Leo Varadkar and lots of senior counsels and judges from district to high court: Justice Kevin Cross, Justice Colm Mac Eochaidh, Justice Elma Sheahan.

I hope they didn't take their powdered wigs, as there wouldn't have been room in the recently restored house with all the luminaries, like Kathy Gilfillan, Vivienne Guinness, actress Lorraine Pilkington, etc, swishing about the place.

The swishiest and the fairest of them was, of course, Frank's gorgeous other-half, Bridget Hourican, the journalist and speechwriter (well, she always leaves me speechless, and doubtless Frank breathless).

As for the senator, she is still single. So until she tells me some news, I'm Noone the wiser.

Bono's Dock-and-roll party

Superstar Bono really pushed the boat out on Charlotte Quay

It was Bono's James Bond moment. I'd never be mean enough to say it was his Mr Bean moment. Last Wednesday, the U2 singer had lunch in Marc and Conor Bereen's new Charlotte Quay restaurant on Charlotte Quay Dock. After a presumably enjoyable lunch - I won't presume it was a liquid lunch just because it was on the quay - Bono's 007 moment occurred.

He leapt at vast speed 10-feet into the air and landed on a high-powered speedboat with a ticking nuclear bomb strapped to the bottom of it. He was then propelled at vast speed across the water to Harry Crosbie's house on Hanover Quay where Mr Crosbie sat, stroking a fiendish cat and preparing to plot world domination with the leader of U2 . . .

Actually, it was a mere inflatable dingy with an outboard motor that Bono boarded last week and that slowly tut-tut-tutted him from Charlotte Quay to Hanover Quay where U2 are recording. Doubtless, had a wave tipped Bono into the drink, one of The Simon Carmody Community would have been on hand to jump into the freezing cold waters and save their lord and master's life.

Even if it meant that said member of The Simon Carmody Community might lose their own life in doing so.

To quote Morrissey in There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: 'To die by your side/Is such a heavenly way to die'.

Smurfit heartbroken over Trump result

Victoria Smurfit watched the American election result live on TV at her home in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Watching Donald Trump - a man whose speeches are often so infantile that they should be delivered only with forceps and the help of an epidural - Victoria must have thought she was really in la-la land and not just LA.

The Irish actress told me: "I'm heartbroken that parts of America has chosen bigotry and hate, divisiveness and segregation over forward-thinking and inclusive living. I think the vote has highlighted the ugly side of human nature and we all need to work harder to make sure people aren't relegated to being minorities again.

"Progress was stunted on 9/11. Hate won. It was a sad day for the world."

Brighter news for Ireland, however, is that Victoria will be home on November 21 to host the Subtitle European Film Festival, in Kilkenny.

Colin Farrell's big brother Eamon nutroasting with his husband Steven

There are 41 shopping days to Christmas. Every day is Christmas, of course, when you are glorious gay grandee Eamon Farrell.

The deity of Irish dance - and his husband, artist Steven Mannion - spent last Christmas in LA with Eamon's mother Rita and his sibs, Claudine, Catherine and Colin ("his new film opens next week. Very excited", Eamon told me of his little bro, who stars in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). This year, Eamon and Steven will spend the Yuletide at home in Sandymount. Eamon told me of the Christmas dinner plans: "Ste will be having vegetarian nutroast, and if he doesn't get me something nice it will be his nuts roasted!"

In the meantime, Eamon and his business partner Jill Doyle are nominated for a Docklands Business Award, for their esteemed school, The National Performing Arts School. Eamon is taking Eileen Wright, bewitching coquette and co-owner of Krystle nightclub on Harcourt Street to the ceremony on November 24 at the Gibson. So expect the champagne to be flowing all night, whether Eamon and Jill win or not.

Party: Heather Humphreys

The indefatigable Minister for Arts Heather Humphreys, above, will also be going with them.

She and Queen Eileen (not forgetting Queen Eamon) could run the country.

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