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The Edge: Model Nurse Nadia uses her bedside manner

All in a day's work: Model Nadia admits that she didn't get much sleep while taking care of her boyfriend Dominic Day.
All in a day's work: Model Nadia admits that she didn't get much sleep while taking care of her boyfriend Dominic Day.
Time for a song: Carol Anthony will be at home in Cork with her parents for the festive season
Marty Whelan with Cecelia Ahern. Photo: David Conachy.
Miriam O'Callaghan
white christmas: Roz, left, and Sarah Lipsett will be spending Christmas on a white beach with their sister Avila
Party time: Harry and Rita Crosbie

She is a model, a singer, an actress, a reality TV star. Now Nadia Forde can add something new to her increasingly long curriculum vitae . . .

How does Nurse Nadia sound?

The 26-year-old Dubliner/angel of mercy had to minister to her rugby star boyfriend Dominic Day all last week after his appendix burst.

He had an abdomen/lung/blood infection into the bargain.

Poor diddums Day was in hospital in Bath - which is where Nurse Nadia came into being.

"I have no idea what my bedside manner is like or what I'm like as a nurse - you'll have to ask Dominic," laughed Nadia (who was in House on Leeson Street last weekend with two female pals, model Sara Kavanagh and their pal Jen. Coming in at 8.30pm and staying until just after midnight, Nadia was wearing all black and "wrapped up in blankets and a hot water bottle" - because, she told me, "I was sitting outside in House.")

Nurse Nads was doubtless returning the favour to Dominic who nursed her, emotionally and physically, when her mother Berenice Paolozzi died last July.

Once Dominic gets better, his famous model girlfriend will have to leave his bedside to fly to the other side of the world.

"Next week. I'm heading to Los Angeles for some meetings," she told me, "and I'm staying with Dom until then. I haven't got much sleep looking after him."

Not that she'd want it any other way. "He's really great," she gushed when I spoke to the former star of I'm A Celebrity. . . Get Me Out Of Here!

"He's so supportive and we really are close friends as well as being a couple. I'm very lucky."

Presumably if Nurse Nads can tend to a strapping Welsh rugger hunk, she can mind a baby one day soon. . .

"I always get asked the marriage-and-baby-question, but I'm really just enjoying life at the moment and not thinking too far into the future."

The only calendar she is concerned with for the moment is her official Nadia Forde calendar which, she tells me, is out now.

Christmas in Cork for Cazza and Rush

You could call it the rush of true love. But enough of how I felt when Herr Klopp's Liverpool trounced Manchester City last weekend.

Liverpool deity Ian Rush is probably as ecstatic as the team he used to score for so regularly back in the 1980s with his imminent travel plans - to say nothing of his love life.

This, I say, because he is off to India in early December with his stunning Corkonian girlfriend Carol Anthony. Liverpool FC's all-time highest goalscorer first scored the Irish beauty three years ago. (Ian is director of football for Delhi Dynamos.)

Upon their return from India, Ian and Cazza will be spending a week or so in Cheshire in the run-up to Christmas.

Air Miles Cazza and Ian will then rush to the airport to jet off to Cork to spend Christmas Day at home with Carol's parents, Catherine and Leo.

"We flew to Qatar Christmas Day last year but I'm really conscious that we need to give my parents all the love and support they need this Christmas Day," Ms Anthony told me, "as it's the first without Audrey, my sister who sadly passed away this year."

On a happier note, Carol and Ian will be ringing in the New Year in the five-star Powerscourt Resort in Enniskerry in a suite for two nights with Carol's brother and his wife. The former is also celebrating his 40th birthday on New Year's Eve in the swish hotel.

Don't be overly surprised if Carol, who has a good voice, sings and the Liverpool FC legend dances. You'll never wiggle alone.

Or words to that effect - as Ian goes klopp klopp klopp across the dance floor.

Birthday treat for Graham's Mrs Norton

Balzac said the heart of  a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.

Graham Norton found a delicious cake - and some food to precede it - for his mother last weekend at the bottom of Parnell Square.

The occasion was his beloved Rhoda's birthday dinner in Chapter One last Saturday night.

The TV star flew in from London for the special soiree. There was just 4 of them at a VIP table in the Michelin-starred restaurant: Graham, two siblings and the birthday girl herself.

Darren, Chapter One's pastry chef, made her a special cake on the evening. Graham and the gang sang her Happy Birthday upon the arrival of the aforesaid gorgeous gateau. Candles were blown out too.

Rhoda was telling the restaurant's maestro Martin Corbett fondly about the days, once upon a time, when she danced in Parnell Square at the National Ballroom.

The group arrived at 8pm and stayed until 11pm. After their meal, Graham and Rhoda visited the kitchen and personally thanked chef Ross Lewis and his team.

Ross has, of course, cooked for the Queen - he cooked for HRH and 170 other grandees at ­Dublin Castle on May 18, 2011.

So lovely Lewis has lots of experience for preparing fine meals for world renowned, and charming, Queens. Or in this case, His Royal Majesty of night-time telly - G. Norton . . .

Alison adds to joy of the nation

The aura of Christmas is bringing something of a new buzz to the boulevards of Dublin. I am frightened to say we're booming again, unless some leftie impales my head on the spikes outside Trinity College. But people do seem to have more of a spring in their step. Like Alison Doody. The blonde bombshell is expected to bring a step to the opening night of The ­Importance of Being Earnest this Tuesday.

Also expected to join host-with-the-most Michael Colgan are the likes of Peter Coonan, Ardal O'Hanlon, and moustachioed Marty Whelan. The latter emceed the launch of The Blue Book at the Merrion Hotel on Wednesday night, and attendees included Francis Brennan, Derry Clarke and wife Sallyanne Clarke (the new President of Ireland's Blue Book), among hundreds of other luminaries showing us that the recession is dead. At least at Christmas time.

Indeed, today at 5.30pm in the Laura Lynn children's hospice in Leopardstown, Miriam O'Callaghan will be switching on the Christmas lights.

Roz jets to Thailand with her sisters for Christmas

Mark my words: the red-blooded males of Ireland will be inconsolable.

Mystifyingly single Irish supermodel Roz Lipsett is not flying home to Dublin from her base in New York for Christmas.

Mick Jagger’s favourite Irish model — they once, so the story goes, had an innocent dinner in Manhattan many many moons ago — is going to Thailand instead.

My Deep Throat tells me that Roz and her

two sisters, Sarah and PR whizz Avila, will be spending the Yuletide on the beach.

‘I’m dreaming of a white sands Christmas on Southeast Asia’s Indochina peninsula’  — doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, does it?

My spies also informed your diarist that art dealer/model Roz will jet to Miami first before meeting her sibs in Thailand.

Roz’s brief detour is to Art Basel Miami, one of the world’s leading art fairs.

For those of you who don’t know — and if so,  why don’t you? —  Roz, while still being a leading  light in the modelling world out in New York, also works part time for top pop-artist Mr. Brainwash,  aka Thierry Guetta.

Susan Jane tarts up Irish Book Awards

Nigella is so last season. My new fav gourmet goddess is Susan Jane White. The only predictable thing about the great Irish beauty — married to the owner of the fullest hairdo since Melvyn Bragg: Trevor White — is that she wins awards.

So it proved on Wednesday night at the Bord Gais Energy Irish Book Awards at the DoubleTree Hilton. She won the Avonmore Cookbook of the Year for her mighty The Virtuous Tart — a follow-up to her state-of-the-art cookbook The Extra Virgin Kitchen. The following morning when I bumped into the uber-foodie and LIFE magazine food columnist trying to go about her business on Grafton Street we had the following, engaging exchange. I asked the queen of tarts, given the previous titles of her books, what she was going to call the next work of foodie fabulousness in print...

A Chaste Bit Of Crumpet? I suggested.

“Born Again Virgin — Fast and Easy (recipes),” she replied.

‘Tis A Pity She’s A Whore (for the iced buns, easy to prepare)?

“From Virgin to Tart — in 10 easy minutes,” she countered before adding another possible title: ”Kale — The New Cocaine”. (But enough about Nigella.) SJ  then expressed in her own inimitable manner how she felt when she won the award on Wednesday night.

“I thought I was going to combust when I heard my name being announced as the winner. I wanted to throw off my shoes and sprint onto the stage. Only moments earlier, I was getting ready to tuck the tablecloth into my skirt and storm out. My dopamine levels were going crazy, like a malfunctioning pinball machine. I lost the heel of my shoe, and my voice —  the hallmark of a great evening though.” And almost as good as her tarts too perhaps. 

60 goes with a swing for Rita, Lainey and Kathleen

Her other-half Harry got a shout-out from the stage of the 3Arena on Monday night.

“Thanks to Fr Crosbie for the use of the hall,” said Bono (For the record: Harry started what used to be called The Point, now the 3Arena, in 1988).

Rita Crosbie had to thank a gang of 12 of her best friends — designer Lainey Keogh and Aislinn Evans among them — last week for the lunch they put on for her on her special day.

“Ageing has no fears for me,” she told me. “I’m delighted to have turned 60.”

The celebratory lunch started at 3pm in Rita’s Cafe Bar H in Grand Canal Dock. There was plenty of vino, cake and singing by the girls.

At 5.30pm, they retired to Rita and Harry’s pad at Hangover Quay. . . sorry, I mean Hanover Quay.

It was here that the lunch to mark Rita’s 60th became a party — not least because the Rita revellers were joined by Gay Byrne and wife Kathleen Watkins.

When your diarist asked Fr Crosbie, as his BVF Bono calls him,  what he got Rita for her birthday, the entrepreneur  replied with a twinkle in his eye: “A dinky car. And undying love.”

Straight to the point, as ever.

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