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The Edge: Lucy and Jamie start fashion for baby news

Baby Joy for Lucy Nagle and her husband
Baby Joy for Lucy Nagle and her husband
Partnership of joy: Mundy and Sarah Deeny
Conor Mitchell O'Connor and Maeve McGowan
Happy in the US: Siobhan McClafferty, now based in Chicago
Romantic: Dinner a deux for Hannah Beth King and Gabriel Byrne in Chapter One

I predict cashmere babygrows will be sooooooooooooo this season. No, really.

This is primarily because that gorgeous geansai goddess Lucy Nagle - whose much-swooned-over designer items are stocked in Brown Thomas and beyond - gave birth to her first child two weeks ago.

A wonderful little boy called Scott for Lucy and her husband Jamie Rohan.

Scott's proud parents, lest we forget, married in August, 2013, in a blingtastic marquee on the grounds of the Nagle family stud farm in Meath.

The son of multi-millionaire Wicklow tycoon Ken, Jamie was the happiest man in Ireland that day.

Now he and Lucy are even happier.

Lucy's stunning sister-in-law Brooke McVeigh (she is married to Ken Rohan junior) is, as I revealed a few weeks ago in this column, pregnant. Uber-babe Brooke had a baby shower thrown by her best girlfriends in The Kensington Hotel in London last weekend.

Clearly, Lucy will have to start making extra designer babygrows soon.

Stop me before I turn this column into Baby Weekly, but another beautiful bouncing baby came into the world in the last few weeks.

The exquisitely lovely Ann-Marie McManus and her husband Kieran gave birth to a baby boy named JP - after his legendary grandfather, aka The Sundance Kid.

My Dublin 4 sources tell me that trendy couple Ann-Marie and Kieran have been seen walking the pram with their sundancebaba around Ballsbridge where they live. Is the nation beginning a baby boom?

Happy Mundy, says Sarah with a surprise

Like a lot of things in the music business nowadays, it turned out to be a tale of the unexpected.

Birr rock deity Mundy, who turns 40 on Tuesday, was due to pitch up last night at fellow Offaly man Andrew Rudd's Medley restaurant on Drury Street for what the singer thought would be a low-key private gig for some well-heeled sorts. However, his wife Sarah Deeny, posing as a client, had actually booked him to do the show. Little did her husband - who has played for Barack and Michelle Obama at The White House - know what was planned.

Sarah had arranged for friends from far and wide to attend the hippest birthday party in Ireland this century.

Sound the trumpets! Or at least strum the acoustic guitars to the tune of To You I Bestow, Courtin' In The Kitchen or Galway Girl.

Pals like Paddy Casey, Glen Hansard, Imelda May, Steve Wall, Gavin Glass, Rachel and Harry Whelehan junior, Pauric Sweeney and girlfriend Ludo were all expected.

Mundy's brother Niall came from Birr and his brother-in-law James Deeny, the head of PR for Kenzo, flew in from Paris with his partner, Mark Howard Thomas, head of design for Joseph. Sally Ann Cooper, Mundy's manager from his Sony days, was happy to fly in from London.

I flew back from U2 in Canada. (Mundy played at my wedding last summer. So I would have flown back from the moon for him.)

The beautiful Dublin girl who organised the whole evening, told me: "Meeting Mundy changed my life. He is a wonderful husband and father," Sarah added, of their two daughters Eden, 6, and Belle, 4. Sarah and Mundy met nine years ago and married in December 2009.

"Mundy creates happiness wherever he goes," said Sarah. And it was certainly due to be a Medley of happiness last night.

Mary swaps affairs of state for her son's affair of the heart

There's something about Mary Mitchell O'Connor. She breaks the mould where politicians are concerned, in that she is always likeable.

My favourite political blonde bombshell has been a busy bee lately, working on a new after-school care model for children, the proposed School Admissions Bill and lobbying the Minister For Finance to freeze property taxes in her constituency of Dun Laoghaire. So neither your diarist nor, I suspect, the Irish nation, begrudges her taking last weekend off to marry off her eldest son Conor to the beautiful, raven-haired Maeve McGowan. Conor's younger brother Steven was best man.

Dr Conor and his bride tied the knot in Aughavas Church, near Mohill. The reception was held in Lough Rynn Castle and was attended by 300 guests, including the glamorous Senator Imelda Henry. Also ramping up the glamometer was the mother of the groom herself, of course.

The Fine Gael TD's hat was made by Megan Halligan, a teacher at The Harold School - the Glasthule establishment that Mary was once principal of.

"I am delighted to have gained such a lovely, grounded and caring daughter-in-law," Mary told me.

"My wish for both of them is that they have a long and happy marriage."

Maeve, a primary teacher from Manorhamilton, county Leitrim, and Conor, from Cabinteely, have set up home in Sligo.

Home thoughts from abroad for Siobhan

You can take the Miss Ireland out of the country but you can't get the country out of the Miss Ireland. Take Siobhan McClafferty - who is now living in Chicago with her husband Julian O'Sullivan  (they got married in Gibraltar two months ago) and Siobhan's  14-year-old daughter Lauren.

Where they are living is "very like Malahide, actually," Miss Ireland 1990 said, referring to Naperville, "a beautiful quaint town, about 20 minutes from Chicago city. Just really beautiful."

"We're here almost a month now and we're loving it," Siobhan continued, adding that Lauren started Kennedy Junior high "and adores it. It's just fantastic."

Equally fantastic is the news for Miriam O'Callaghan that because her RTE chat show is live this summer, she and husband Steven Carson aren't going abroad. So they are heading once again to their favourite holiday place, Dingle.

In the meantime, they were spotted having dinner in Coppi, their favourite Italian restaurant in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast, on the night before the UK Election results.

A romantic Chapter for star Gabriel

It wasn't the usual suspects in Chapter One on Dublin's  Parnell Square last weekend.

Well, actually, it was. . .

Gabriel Byrne (one of the stars of The Usual Suspects in 1995) and his wife Hannah Beth King popped in to the Michelin-starred restaurant for a romantic dinner a deux on the Saturday.

She looked gorgeous in a long evening dress, like she was going to the Oscars, while her husband looked equally eye-catching in a jacket, shirt and bow tie.

They ordered the tasting menu and sat at table 17, officially the most romantic table in the restaurant.

The couple are still clearly loved-up after their wedding less than a year ago - they married in Ballymaloe House hotel in East Cork last August before honeymooning in The Park in Kenmare.

Indeed as they were leaving at midnight, Chapter One's co-proprietor Martin Corbett said to Gabriel, "Thanks for the memories."

To which Gabriel replied with typical poetic aplomb: "It's not over yet. It's not over until the fat lady sings."

Then like a scene from a Hollywood movie, Gab and the svelte Hannah Beth King left the restaurant holding hands in the moonlight.

Obviously their love is King.

U2's Happy Birthday to the Ireland Fund

For once, Bono wasn't the coolest presence in the room. No. That accolade at the 40th American Ireland Fund Dinner in New York went to Michael Kelly.  If you have any doubts about Kelly's street cred, let me remind you that  his character Doug Stamper in House Of Cards says things like 'Upward-mobility has a ceiling. I'm the ceiling.'

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