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The Edge: Lorenzo cheers Berni on as their divorce comes through

Bernie Cafolla
Bernie Cafolla
40 years: Taoiseach Enda Kenny with Senator Catherine Noone, left, and Michelle Mulherin TD.
Fowl play: Daithi O Se and wife Rita will be celebrating Thanksgiving at the end of the month.
Stagg: Emmett Scanlan was out celebrating.
Into the future: Last year's Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh was MC at the launch of the Future of Ireland study
Great expectations: Pregnant Pippa O'Connor will be cooking Christmas dinner for eight.
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

It's a win-win scenario for Lorenzo and Berni Cafolla. Or in Berni's case - a Wynne-Wynne scenario. Their divorce is through, but their bond is somehow unbreakable.

"Lorenzo and I are the best of friends and always will be," she said of the man she started dating in 1981 and married in June, 1989. "But I feel that I have met my soul-mate in Garret Wynne. I'm a very lucky lady."

The Garret who is making Berni feel so blessed with good fortune, is also affianced to the blonde sister of Valerie Roe and Gillian Quinn (both of whom were spotted dining in Coppinger Row restaurant, off South William Street in Dublin last week. Valerie is off to London this week to see her pal Tara O'Connor). "We got engaged in Lanzarote last year while we were on holidays," Berni, who is just back from her place in Marbella told me (some people have it tough, don't they?).

Did accountant Garret go down on one knee when he asked Berni to be his betrothed? "He sure did. And he had the ring in his pocket. It's a 1920s, art deco rose gold with diamonds. It's a very long oval ring with five large diamonds down the centre surrounded by small diamonds and surrounding the band it is all set in rose gold. Beautiful! Totally me! I couldn't have chosen better myself."

Someone please put their hands over Berni's mouth before she turns into a saleswoman at Paul Sheeran/Boodles/Appleby etc! (But wait; there is more. When I put down the phone, I noticed that far-from-bashful Berni had sent moi a picture by text of said sparkler.)

Hard proof of the truth of Berni's earlier statement to your diarist that she and her ex-husband are still the best of friends is surely evidenced by the fact of Lorenzo's presence at a very special event next week. This Friday in The Wright Venue in Swords, Berni and daughter Samantha are modelling in the Style Warriors charity fashion show (which will be hosted by Alex Best, wife of the late great George).

"Lorenzo will be cheering Samantha and I on," Bernie confirmed. "He'll be there with our other kids, Jeff and Jason. And, of course, Garret."

You see what I mean about it being a Wynne-Wynne situation.

An Taoiseach hits bum note in Castlebar

The Brose Walsh Band played at the do in Castlebar last weekend to mark An Taoiseach's 40th year in politics. And there wasn't a bum note all night.

Well. . . at one point during his speech for the 400 guests, Enda did recall himself cycling the Ring of Kerry with some friends to hilarious effect.

The Fine Gael leader recounted that there was a woman at the side of the road offering Vaseline to any of the cyclists who didn't have padding in their cycle shorts.

I believe Enda declined the offer.

One of my Deep Throats in Castlebar last Saturday night confirmed the Taoiseach's tushy tale: "That's totally true, but I can't remember exactly what was said but you have it in one there. He's a demon on the bike - he really goes for it!"

There was plenty of going for it out on the dance-floor too that night at Breaffy House Resort. "I was dragged out by Willie O'Connor to jive to Let's Twist Again," Senator Catherine Noone (wearing a Roisin Linnane dress and cape with "a blue fur trim - Fine Gael blue") told me.

Mayo stalwart Michelle Mulherin (in a lace dress and "the highest heels" - that she took to the dance-floor in later) told me that Enda, looking towards the next general election, said he was very confident that in the new four-seater constituency of Mayo, the FG dream-team of himself, Michelle and Michael Ring would be returned. Of course he did.

One of my Deep Throats told me that the local priest joked the assembled grandees - who enjoyed a choice of Caesar salad or vol-au-vents to start followed by beef or salmon and then dessert and coffee to follow - that he knew the date of the election but couldn't reveal it.

It possibly makes your diarist wonder what sort of conversations An Taoiseach is having in the confessional.

Daithi gets plucky with wife Rita

Forget Marbs. It's all happening in Saggart. No - seriously. Daithi O Se met his VBF, and fellow RTE superstar, Marty Morrissey there last night. Admittedly, they were both masters of ceremonies at the O'Neills/TG4 Ladies Football All Star Banquet in CityWest Hotel.

Doubtless Daithi is not a fan of that other Morrissey, ex of The Smiths, who once sang Meat Is Murder. This I say because the Kerryman won one of the two main prizes in a card drive last weekend in his local in Peterswell in Galway: a turkey.

"The only thing is, the turkey is still alive," Daithi told me.

Daithi's neighbour in Salthill is currently keeping the aforesaid bird in his yard. "We are keeping an eye out for foxes in case one of them might be having my Thanksgiving dinner," Daithi said in reference to the Thanksgiving Dinner that Daithi's other bird - wife Rita - is cooking on November 26, with all Daithi's family coming up from Dingle and further afield for the fabulous feast.

"My neighbour won the other turkey and both are in his yard. I've a deal made with him that if he kills them I'll pluck and clean them out. My turkey should be fine and fat by Thanksgiving."

Fat notwithstanding, Daithi is a tad worried about his young son's reaction come the big day. "Micheal Og called the turkey yucky. I hope he doesn't say that when he's eating it."

Spare a thought for the poor, if fine, bird at the dinner table that night in Salthill.

And I don't mean Rita.

The Fall star has stag in House

It's heartening to know that when most of us are safely tucked up in our beds at the weekends, there are some rock 'n' roll souls who still know how to stay out late.

Take Brian McFadden. The former Westlife singer turned TV star was in Lillie's Bordello nightclub last Saturday night until closing time. He left at approximately 3.30am.

He sat in at a table in the VIP Library area of the Grafton Street emporium and was joined at a certain point in the evening by another one of Louis Walsh's one-time charges - Keith Duffy. Brian came in earlier in the evening with George McMahon aka Mondo of Fair City.

Fellow thesp Emmett Scanlan was also up past his bedtime last weekend. He was in House on Leeson Street on Friday night with a group to celebrate his stag. The Dublin-born star of The Fall is about to marry his former co-star in Hollyoaks, English rose, Claire Cooper.

Miriam, Rose of Montrose. . .

The recovery must really be upon us when the stars are out celebrating birthdays again with swish dinners.

Last Sunday evening Miriam O'Callaghan was in Tribeca in Ranelagh marking the big day of one of her sons.

Up the road in Milltown, on the previous Wednesday, Miriam was at the tres exclusive Alexandra College. It was here that the RTE icon gave an inspired speech about hard work and achievement (Chairperson of RTE, Moya Doherty, among others, also spoke). The assembled luminaries include some of Miriam's daughters (ex Alex students to boot).

The Rose of Montrose always speaks beautifully, too.

Rose of Tralee 2014 Maria Walsh was MC at the launch of The Future of Ireland (a nationwide study by OMD and Ulster Bank into what we all think life in Ireland is going to be like in 10 years' time, so I'm told) at The chq Building in Custom House Quay.

FM104's lovely ladyboss Margaret Nelson was looking fab at the event as was Tania Banotti, daughter of former Fine Gael legend, Mary Banotti.

Blaise has reason to celebrate

Two young Irish beauties formerly of Gorse Hill mansion in Killiney were out celebrating in Dublin recently. I speak, of course, of sisters Alex and Blaise O'Donnell. It was great to see the lovely O'Donnell siblings, who might or might not have known their parents were billionaires, have something to celebrate too. Delightful Alex graduated from Trinity two weeks ago.

Big sister Blaise said on her Facebook: "Congratulations, you are officially a geneticist, next stop a Masters in London!" Alex, my source tells me, heads to Blighty in the new year. But back to the celebrations after Alex's graduation in Trinners. The O'Donnell family all went out to dinner to salute the significant event, with Blaise (wearing a stylish striped jacket) and dad Brian bursting, said my mole, with pride. On the subject of bursting - er, with pride - newly pregnant Pippa O'Connor was a massive hit at Centra's Christmas press show at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin last Tuesday. She sent the trend for expectant fashionistas in her ultra-chic and ultra-skintight leather trousers. Pippa said that she will be cooking Christmas dinner at her house this year for around eight people with Centra's fab array of easy-to-prepare festive options that are low on stress.

Pippa will possibly know all about stress when the baby arrives. So she and husband Brian Ormond should enjoy this Yuletide.

Meanwhile, Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain looked a touch festive in a red dress at the Always #LikeAGirl event last Wednesday evening at The Mill Theatre in Dundrum. Mr Tubridy's ex joined an inspiring panel discussion about empowering our young girls to be our future leaders.

Where are Frances Fitzgerald or Mary Lou when you need them, eh?

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