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The Edge: Laura falls for another hirsute hipster

The hair apparent: Laura and her Rory
The hair apparent: Laura and her Rory
Norah Casey
Vogue Williams
Vogue Williams and Brian McFadden
Pals: Aisling Gleeson and Alison Doody.
Nadia Forde
Regal calling: Pierce Brosnan spent the summer in some of the smarter parts of Dublin.
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

It was the summer of love for Laura Whitmore. And thankfully that tenderness has continued into the other seasons too.

The Irish prepossessing star of MTV is still romantically involved with Rory Williams, in other words.

This, it appears, is Laura's first high profile relationship since her sad split from our own Danny O'Reilly, lead-singer with The Coronas, in late 2012.

"I'm actually friends with Danny, shockingly," she told me in October. "I actually got a text from him today. So, for me, there's no bad feeling with Danny. We went through a break-up - and it was . . . it's not easy."

She met Rory, the singer in Sons of Sunset at a UK music festival in June.

Laura and Rory were subsequently papped all-loved up in Ibiza. "We met during the summer. He is very nice. We could be broken up in a month." She joked to me in October. "Who knows!"

They are still very much together. 'Hirsute hipsters in skinny jeans' are clearly Laura's type. As she told FHM magazine in September 2011: "I don't like men who try too hard. If a guy looks in the mirror more than I do, it's a bad sign. I like scruffy, but not smelly."

Presumably Laura has bought Rory designer aftershave for Crimbo then?

Norah and fire-fighter beau flame out

Oh bloody Norah! In February, Norah Casey announced - via this column, naturally  - that her days of sliding down her Dublin fire-fighter boyfriend Peter Allen's shiny pole were tragically over.

"We tried to keep it private. At this stage, it's better out than rumoured. We had a great year together. Sometimes relationships just don't work out," the ex-Dragon told me.

The previous summer , however, their relationship really heated up. You might need to stand back from these paragraphs as it does get quite hot. Indeed, I might have a second career writing torrid romantic fiction. You decide.

Norah posted a picture on her Twitter feed of a sunset in Key West where she was on holiday with Peter. Underneath the picture, the loved-up broadcaster and business woman tweeted: "Heaven is a place on earth." Peter then tweeted back to his girlfriend: "A very special night."

Get a room! Sorry, I forget that they already had a room in Key West. This was to say nothing of Norah and Peter walking hand-in-loved-up-hand together through the Villa Borghese gardens to celebrate their first anniversary with a dinner at Casina Valadier and cocktails afterwards at Harry's Bar on Via Veneto. Hang on. There was more.

There were also romantically heart-rending (and doubtless hand-holding) hols in Greece and further afield.

Your guess is as good as mine why the flame went out for the beautiful RTE star and her fire-fighter beau. Could they not have tried again? Relight my fire? Alas, it was just not to be.

Vogue n' Brian split - but for how long?

If Carlsberg did break-ups, then Vogue Williams and Brian McFadden's break-up would probably be the most harmonious break-up ever. 

They were possibly Ireland's most chilled married couple until they announced their split in July.

Your diarist was sad to see them go their separate ways. But I wouldn't be surprised too much if they are back together sooner rather than later.

This I say because Vogue 'n' Brian seemed made for each other. Both as witty as each other, definitely, and well matched in every area, apart from, maybe, domesticity. . .

"I have this thing where I have to iron my sheets. Everything has to be exactly in its place! I like everything to be spotless. My mum irons socks! I can't stand anything being messy and everything has to be done a certain way," Vogue once told me, "which is bad for Brian because he is not used to cleaning up after himself".

A few Christmases ago, I was finishing up an interview with Vogue in 37 on Dawson Street when her husband came in to pick her up. He had this to say about her (read it twice): "I'm one lucky boy. Vogue is the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful woman I have ever met. Not only is she a great wife but she is my best friend, too. If she starts playing golf we will then literally do everything together."

Maybe some good friend of the once-inseparable couple should get Vogue golf lessons for Crimbo, perhaps?

Alison and Tadgh sadly split

In March, the bond was broken. Actress Alison Doody  - who played Jenny Flex in 1985's A View To A Kill -  and tasty tycoon Tadgh Geary's engagement came to a cordial end in that month.

So cordial (your diarist was told during the summer by a Deep Throat) that they are still VBFs.

Though not quite as VBF-y perhaps as Alison is with her pals like . . . deep breath. . . New York hotelier John Fitzpatrick, Rhona Blake, Ireland's foremost PR woman or Aisling Gleeson and Gerry Purcell (who introduced Tadgh and Alison in late 2012 at Robbie Fox's Belluci's restaurant in Ballsbridge).

The single status of the Grace Kelly doppelgänger was, as I said at the time, a great boon for smart, sensitive, discerning males in Ireland, and beyond.

I met Tadgh at the Galway Races in October and he was an absolutely charming gent.

Easy to see what Alison saw in him.

Or indeed why they got engaged so dreamily in Paris on October 19, 2014.

Nadia finds love with Welsh rugby star

If you think it's hard to meet new people,' Jack Lemmon once joked, 'try picking up the wrong golf ball.'

World famous golfer Rory has never had a problem meeting new people - new women certainly.

And fair play to him.

His engagement to Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki having ended in 2014, Rory will, in fact, ring in the New Year as an engaged man.

He popped the question earlier this month to American beauty Erica Stoll.

He spent a few bob on his new fiancée's engagement ring; an estimated £430,000.

Or, as colleagues in the Belfast Telegraph put it, more than double the estimated price of the sparkler presented by Rory to former fiancée Cazza.

Apropos of nothing - well, apart from the fact that Rory and Nadia were strenuously linked to each-other romantically which Nadia strenuously denied - Nadia Forde also met a new person in 2015. . . .

And in a sense she did so by picking up the wrong ball.

In February, the one-time star of I'm A Celebrity. . .Get Me Out Of Here! started seeing strapping Welsh rugby player Dominic Day.

They spent two nights together at the swish ME hotel on the Strand in London in March on a romantic weekend together.

How did I know all this? Guess.

I, for one, am delighted that Nads has seemed to finally meet The One.

Indeed after the sad death of her mother Bernice Paolozzi from cancer in June, she deserves all the love she can get.

Pierce becomes the Duke of Wellington Road

I had taken to calling him the Duke of Wellington Road. This is primarily because famous Irish movie-star Pierce Brosnan rented a house on that almost as famous Irish road in Ballsbridge all summer long.

It was, it transpired, the summer of Brosser in the smarter parts of Dublin. . .

Local ladies were occasionally not-so-much shaken as stirred by the apparition of the former James Bond strolling their boulevards and taking in their coffee shops and the like.

He was a regular in L'Ecrivain Restaurant on Lower Baggot Street, and was also spotted in Rita Crosbie's Cafe H on Grand Canal Dock, and further north, in Chapter One on Parnell Square. Another Irish movie star Gabriel Byrne was also spotted in Ross Lewis's Michelin starred restaurant during the summer.

A stunning blonde who was once very, very briefly linked with the aforesaid Angel Gabriel fell in love last April - Ann Marie Nohl.

The beauty who used to feed the likes of Johnny Ronan, Jim Sheridan, Van Morrison, and Louis Walsh in her ill-fated D4 restaurant Expresso Bar Cafe during the boom was smitten by the charms of acclaimed architect Ken Edmondson,

"He's gorgeous," she told me at a party in June. "I'm not in love yet, but I'm working on it."

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