Friday 17 November 2017

The Edge: Jackie Lavin's son to wed on Cote d'Azur

French date: Jackie Lavin and Bill Cullen
French date: Jackie Lavin and Bill Cullen
Lisa Cannon: 'The best friends in the world'
Wedding belle: Kate Carton who married Kevin McLaughlin
Cork trip: Jodie Kidd
Jetting in: Carol Anthony
Dinner and drinks: With a femal pal for the svelte TV star Kathryn Thomas
Charm personified: Pierce Brosnan signed autographs and posed for photos with fellow diners

I know where Jackie Lavin - and her beau Bill Cullen - will be in a few weeks. On the Côte d'Azur, sillies.

Not that they particularly need an excuse to be on the French Riviera.

But this is the very special occasion of the wedding of Jackie's son Gary to his gorgeous girlfriend of four years, Enniskerry beauty Rachael Gilmore Murphy. (They got engaged on New Year's Eve 2014, in South Africa.)

My mole tells me that they decided on the venue, near Nice, because they liked the south of France.

And that is a very sound logic for picking a wedding venue, n'est-ce-pas?

Those expected at this most bling of wedding bashes, my mole added, include: "Victor Costello, Shane McGill and wife Rachel Kavanagh among lots more from Ireland. "

The bride's sister is, of course, the esteemed milliner Lucy Gilmore Murphy.

So expect her hats to be much in vogue on the Côte d'Azur that weekend. And perhaps not just among the glitzy Irish who are making the trip to the south of France for Gary and Rachael's big day.

Oliver Caffrey, that incomparable Irish man who lives in France with Yona, flew the other way.

Last Sunday, starting at 2pm, Oliver hosted a summer party to celebrate his birthday at All Ireland Polo Club in the Phoenix Park with some of his well known pals.

Chief among them were Guggi and Johnny Ronan. (I'd say they must have been discussing hair). So it's official. Johnny's back.

And his front too.

His detractors would say he's all front. I kind of admire his cojones - albeit the very same cojones that his ex Glenda Gilson famously kicked outside a pub in Ranelagh once upon a time during the boom boom.

Lisa and her hens go into the West

Not exactly an exposé,  but Lisa Cannon is getting married on September 4 in Florence to her Welsh rugger beau Richard Keatley. As a warm-up, last weekend the star of TV3's Xposé  had her hen night  in the West.

Make that in the wild West.

She stayed at Cloghan Castle in Loughrea, county Galway, with 15 of her bessie mates who, she recalled, "treated me to endless surprises. It was the best weekend ever."

It all started on the Friday when they arrived at the Castle in a black stretch Hummer filled with balloons, before enjoying a medieval brunch.

Medieval soakage thus provided, they quickly changed into 1920s rig-outs and were transported in their faithful Hummer to Glenlo Abbey Hotel in Galway City for a Murder on the Orient Express murder-mystery soiree.

Afterwards, Lisa and her stylish sybarites decamped to Halo nightclub where they danced the night away to Nineties classics in their 1920s gear.

On the Saturday, they had massages and bubble baths at the castle in preparation for the big Disney-themed banquet that night. The hens helpfully blindfolded Lisa (dressed as Snow White) as she descended the staircase. Her VBF and bridesmaid Maeve Kenny, dressed as Princess Jasmine, and the rest of the hens surprised Lisa with a giant Snow White cake.

"I really do have," smiled Lisa, "the best friends in the world."

And perhaps with the best hangovers in the world too.

Colin Farrell to be Best Man at big bro's wedding

It's all wedding belles this week, isn't it? And none perhaps more beautiful than brunette and former Mount Anville girl Kate Carton who married her fit fiance Leinster and Ireland player Kevin McLaughlin yesterday in Greystones.

Rob Kearney and girlfriend Jess Redden were expected to attend, as were Cian Healy and other Leinster players.

Kate had her Moulin Rouge-style hen party on July 5 at her home. She and Kevin were in Ibiza two weeks ago with a glamorous group, including Leinster players Rhys Ruddock and Fergus McFadden.

Eamon Farrell and his artist husband Steven Mannion are planning to get married again - they originally married in Vancouver in Canada in 2009 - at The Factory in Dublin at Christmas, 2016. "Hopefully by then," Eamon told me, "they will allow civil ceremonies in different venues in Ireland. I would hate to be in the registry offices."

Those who will be attending the big bash in The Factory (where Eamon and his partner Jill Doyle have had The National Performing Arts School for decades - it has moved to The Lir Academy and "a couple of other places in Grand Canal Dock" until next year while the whole site is being developed) include Jill and of course Eamon's family: "Jill and Colin [Farrell, Eamon's brother] will do joint Best Man duties," Eamon told me.

"David Norris said he would be my Matron of Honour! The Honeymoon will be LA to spend time with my family."

So will Eamon be getting down on bended knee to ask Steven to marry him again?

"After the Yes vote I'm afraid," Eamon laughed, "I'll never be on my knees again!"

Supermodel Jodie pulls in Cork

I kid ye not. Jodie Kidd pulled in Cork last week. But I'll get to that. The English supermodel was at the Marquee in Cork on Tuesday night to see  Noel Gallagher's concert. Earlier that night, she had dinner in Jacques, the pukka restaurant on Oliver Plunkett Street. Jodie likes Cork city so much that after enjoying Noel's show, she retreated to Goldbergs bar on Victoria Rd.

It was here that she famously pulled - pints for the locals who quite possibly couldn't believe their eyes. A pint of plain from a girl who is far from plain.

Another girl who is far from plain, Carol Anthony is jetting over next weekend to Cork from London (where she lives with Liverpool FC icon Ian Rush) to hook up with her friends, Kerry and Orla. "I've know them since I was a baby," Cork-born Caz told me. "We're going to Kinsale for a catch-up. We're staying in Actons."

In a week, she is jetting out to "Australia or Malaysia" to meet up with her beloved Mr Rush, who is on tour with his beloved club.

Kathryn Thomas stays tres trim in Xico

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, Kate Moss once quipped. Your diarist has the impression that Kathryn Thomas is a modern update on those very bon mots - along the lines of nothing tastes as good as trim feels. Not least when you are eating Mexican food and enjoying Margaritas, as the tres svelte RTE star was in Xico on Lower Baggot Street last weekend. Do I really have to point out to you that the reason Kathryn is so trim is because she has her own boot-camp?

She arrived on the Friday at 8pm with a female pal, and left at midnight, having had dinner and drinks.

On the following night, RTE's Eoghan McDermott was in the same establishment with friends for dinner. The last time I met Eoghan was in a restaurant in Canada with U2 but I can't hang out with the greats and Bono every night, can I?

On the same night across Stephen's Green, in 37 on Dawson Street Brippa were in celebrating a friend's birthday. Brian Ormond and Pippa O'Connor always bring the va-va-voom to any celebration, don't you think?

The comedian Jason Manford was in the day before for dinner. He was in the Oarsman on Bridge Street in Dublin 4 for lunch with friends the day before that. Trust me to stick my oar in.

On Saturday night in House on Leeson Street, American golfer Dustin Johnson visited with three friends. They came in at 11.30pm and sat at a table in the garden.

My Deep Throat in the epicentre of Dublin chic tells me that Dustin et al didn't stay too long, leaving at

To square this social circle, they then headed - no prizes for guessing where - to 37 on Dawson Street to finish off the night.

Not too far away, in Holles Street, daughter of the late hypnotherapist Paul Goldin, Katie Jane, and husband Barry Scallan celebrated the arrival, on Thursday morning, of their first child, Spencer. Doubtless Katie will be soon hypnotized with the lack of sleep courtesy of sweet Spencer.

Tip O'Neill's son celebrates wedding anniversary in Dublin

At the risk of being done for stalking Pierce Brosnan - last week I revealed that he was renting a plush pad on Wellington Road for the summer while he films here, and previously I revealed that he is a regular diner in L'Ecrivain Restaurant on Lower Baggot Street - your diarist will continue to whet the nation's appetite for all things Brosnan. . .

The Irish movie star had lunch a deux in Chapter One on Tuesday afternoon.

Coming in to the Michelin-starred restaurant on Dublin's Parnell Street at 1.10pm and leaving at 2.30pm, Pierce had the tasting menu with accompanying wines.

He was, as always, the accommodating movie star - signing autographs and having photographs taken with fellow diners.

I can safely say without fear of contradiction that the Duke of Wellington Road was charm personified.

Similarly blessed with in the area of charm is Tom O'Neill, son of the legendary Tip O'Neill. Boston icon Tom was in Chapter One a few weeks ago with his wife for their wedding anniversary

"He is a lovely man, like his father before him," Martin Corbett, Chapter One's co-proprietor and maitre d, told me referring to Tom's dad, Thomas Phillip 'Tip' O'Neill, the Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

"I was reminding him of the time many years ago that the great Tip refused to sit at a table in a restaurant. It was in the Shelbourne 30 years ago, while I was working there. I had to wheel in a round table to accommodate him.

"It had to be a round table or nothing because all the time he would be asked to sit at the top of the table. He would say we are all equal at this table."

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