Sunday 25 February 2018

The Edge: Emma melts on beach while Tatiana goes into heat coma

Cool Tatiana, pictured enjoying life here in Marbella, is feeling the heat of the sun
Cool Tatiana, pictured enjoying life here in Marbella, is feeling the heat of the sun
Wendy and Maurice Boland
Jenny Buckley
Kissandra MacAnthony enjoyed a night-time beach stroll.
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

When self-proclaimed 'cancer vixen' and author Emma Hannigan told me recently that her current chemo was ¨literally melting the nodes by the day", I didn't think Emma was going to Marbs to literally melt on the beach too.

"The last time Cian and I were in Marbella I was six months pregnant with our first-born. So it was a different experience this time. We brought our son Sacha, 16, and his friend Morgan, 16, and our daughter Kim, 14, and her friend Suki, 15, for a week of down time," Emma told me.

They stayed at The Marriott Beach Club just outside Marbella, and rented a large white people carrier ("Think ice-cream van, without the tinkly music and badly drawn Disney Characters - and add sliding doors") and did everything from paragliding to water parks with plenty of dribbling on sun beds in between.

I asked Emma what cliches are true about Marbs?

"As Cian and I walked along the promenade with the teenagers zooming past on their rented mopeds, I realised I needed either a skateboard or a chihuahua wearing a tutu to truly fit in," she replied with a laugh bordering on a cackle. "My next novel is set in Ronda, high above Marbella, but my leading lady might have to take a de-tour to the port for a taste of Andalusian glam. "

A touch of Russian glam, in fact, is what I got when I met Tatiana Ouliankina (ex star of RTE´s Fair City) in Sintra's bar in Puerto Banus for a drink on Tuesday night.

"It's so hot, I'm almost in a coma!" she said as her voice echoed across all the multi-million euro boats in the port. I had bumped into Tats and her husband John the day before.

So it would have been rude not to arrange to meet up for some bubbles in Banus.

Maurice finally ends misery in Marbs

Wendy and Maurice Boland

Maurice Boland has put the pieces of his marriage back together after the scandal of his liaison with  a 16-year-old girl in Marbella in 2010. “I never thought I would have pulled myself out

of the misery of the last few years,” Maurice told me over lunch in Marbella last Tuesday. “I’m sure the misery was much, much  worse for my wife Wendy, who stuck by me.” (This is to say nothing of the untold misery of the teenage girl.)

“Forgiven wouldn’t be a word Wendy would use, but maybe ‘moved on’ might be a better way to put it. Wendy is an amazing woman, one of the most wonderful women in the world,” he said, referring to Wendy whom he has been married to for well over 40 years.  “How she ended up with me? She must have drawn the short straw!”

Maurice has spent the last three years writing his memoirs: “It will include growing up Jewish in Dublin, opening Ireland’s first disco Elizabeth’s; Charlie Haughey and Terry Keane; taking over James Hunt’s club in Marbella, a disaster; Mandy Smith; opening up the first English radio station in Spain...”

And the scandal?

“That is the chapter I’m finding it hardest  to write. I haven’t written it yet. Too many people would be hurt by reading it.

“I’ve turned my life around at my age,”  added Maurice, who  is 67, and having moved on from his radio career is now selling property out here in southern Spain. “Marbella is probably the only place in the world you could turn your life around at my age. Anywhere else in the world at my age you would be on the scrapheap.” 

Rocca at Victor’s while Ross relaxes before daughter’s wedding

You never know who you are going to meet in Marbs, even on a quiet Monday night. I went to Victor’s Beach restaurant on Playa del Alcon with my wife Aoife and baby for a quiet meal.It is a good 30-minute walk around the sea front to get here.

Quite out of the way, in other words.

So imagine my surprise when I met Annette Rocca and her VBF  — and my ex-wife — Elizabeth Mangan in Victor’s. (Annette’s sadly  deceased, and much-missed, husband Patrick was Best Man at the wedding, once upon a time.) The two black-haired Irish beauties  were over for a few days well-deserved r’n’r. 

The following day in the restaurant in El Corte Ingles, your diarist bumped into Irish photography legend Edmund Ross with his wife Anne. Edmund

told me that his daughter Tania is marrying

her boyfriend Robert Williams in Carton House in August.

“There are 100 coming from London and 80 from Ireland,” Edmund said. “It’s going to be a Jewish ceremony with a big marquee outside on the grounds.” 

UTV’s Jenny jets in for wedding anniversary

Jenny Buckley

UTV Ireland star Jenny Buckley, pictured, and husband Garrett flew into Marbella yesterday morning  to celebrate their wedding anniversary with their daughter Jude.

They are staying at the Five-star Puente Romano. Jen and Gar had their reception in TikiTano in Estepona ten years ago (expertly organised by Maurice Boland’s wife Wendy). They are marking their big Ten O with a dinner tonight at The Orange Tree with Jenny’s mother-in-law Jean (who summers in Marbs) minding young Jude. On the subject of in-laws, my brother-in-law and top doctor Tom Walsh was the  hero of Ireland’s game against Mexico on Monday night, when he scored three goals in the World Medical Football Championships up the coast from here in Barcelona.

Kissandra loses the weight but not herself in the sun at Marbs

Kissandra MacAnthony, the stunning daughter of Irish multi-millionaire property tycoon Austin, was in Marbella last weekend.

Dubliner Kissandra, who lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband Kelvin Prez, made a whistle-stop trip, staying at her sister-in-law Natalie’s house in Sierra Blanca.

“We had a big barbecue on Sunday,” she told me. “Theresa and Bernard Rocca (younger brother of the late Patrick) came with all the kids.”

On Friday night, Kiss and Theresa went to the Boardwalk on Paseo Maritimo on Marbella’s seafront before finishing the night with a walk in the port in Puerto Banus. “It’s not the same there any more.”

You can say the same about Kissandra. She weighs seven and a half stone now, having weighed 21 stone at her heaviest.

“I’m super-skinny,” 42-year-old Kissandra, who has her own real estate company in Florida, told me, “but I am healthy, thank God. I feel healthy for the first time.”

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