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The Edge: Brosnan has licence to thrill in D4

Dublin sojourn: Pierce Brosnan is shooting a movie here and renting a house on Dublin 4’s Wellington Road
Dublin sojourn: Pierce Brosnan is shooting a movie here and renting a house on Dublin 4’s Wellington Road
Family wedding trip: Rita and Daithi O Se
Portuguese breaks: Yvonne Keating will be heading back to the Algarve but also has a new TV show to think about
Two trips: Roz Lipsett is coming home from the US before heading to Spain
East is east: Norah Casey is just back from a trip to Thailand, during which she visited an elephant sanctuary. Photo: Tony Gavin
Milan trip: Ludovica Ferrai-Vesena and Pauric Sweeney
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

It's not every day you see James Bond on Wellington Road. Actually - it is. . .

Pierce Brosnan is now living on the famous D4 road. He is renting a house there for the summer while he stars in a movie here.

This will explain why Brosser has been seen enjoying the fare in many of the local restaurants in and around the area, as well as venturing out to Dalkey, Killiney and beyond.

His presence is doing much for the economy as people are travelling to those areas hoping for a mere glimpse of the heart-throb.

The local womenfolk are often shaken and stirred by the alluringly ageless Adonis apparition of Mr Brosnan strolling the broad-walks, like the finely coiffed movie star he is.

It is difficult to go out in the smarter parts of the Irish capital without bumping into one of Ireland's truly great acting exports.

He has become a regular in L'Ecrivain Restaurant on Lower Baggot Street. He has also been spotted in Rita Fox's Cafe H on Grand Canal Dock.

That other finely coiffed Irish movie star, Gabriel Byrne, tends to stay nearer to the Merrion Hotel and Chapter One when he is in town. My Dublin 4 spies reliably inform me that Brosser is renting from a certain elegant and graceful proprietor of a world-famous hotel - a fabulous establishment that has played home over the years to the likes of the Duke of Edinburgh, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep. And, last but not least, a fellow from Drogheda called Pierce Brosnan.

Now though, his latest role is clearly the Duke of Wellington Road.

Daithi and Rita in Mayo for big wedding

Being a Kerryman is the greatest gift God can bestow on any man. Those are  John B Keane’s bon mots, not this Jackeen’s.  He also said: “When you belong to Kerry you know you have a head start on the other fellow.”

 Kerry icon Daithi O Se had a head start himself early last Saturday morning when he set off with his wife Rita from their home in Salthill Galway for a family wedding in Mayo. Rita’s parents Mike and Ann had, it transpired, set out even earlier, as they flew in from New Jersey for the occasion — as did Rita’s brother Micheal with his girlfriend Jen.

 Indeed, Michael took advantage of the romantic aura in the air to propose on bended knee to Jen in Salthill last Sunday. They all went to Moran’s On The Weir in Kilcolgan to celebrate. Rita and Micheal are very close; so the former New Jersey Rose was very emotional. But back to the equally emotional wedding last weekend in county Mayo first. . .

The occasion was Rita’s cousin Miriam Morris marrying Vinnie Healy at the Mulranny Park Hotel. The priest at the mass in St Margaret Mary’s Church, Bekan, Claremorris, talked “about parish rivalry when it comes to sport as the bride and groom came from the neighbouring parish,” Daithi O Se told me, adding that his wife Rita came in a specially made dress by Don O Neill. “And he said at least there’s no-one from Kerry here. He knew I was in the church! He’s known for the craic,” laughed Daithi referring to Father Brendan McGuinness. No doubt Daithi couldn’t resist making the joke to the poor Father about Kerry and Thy Kingdom Come.

All is good with Yvonne and John on the Algarve

It wasn’t a holiday of any particular romantic significance for Yvonne Keating and her bearded beau John Conroy. Despite being together three years, there was no sudden going down on bended knee for John in the hot sands in Portugal last weekend. It was more a quickie. Sorry . . . I mean, a quick break away for Yvonne and John. 

They jetted over to Quinta do Lago, where Yvonne has a place for years now,  for a long weekend. John, a cameraman of some note (well, it didn’t take his and Yvonne’s relationship  long to develop when they first met) had just finished filming Penny Dreadful and had a short break before he started on another project, Luther; so the loved-up pair had just enough time for a romantic sojourn.

“We had a lovely few days, just the two of us,” Yvonne told me.  “We visited one of our favourite restaurants, 2 Passos, which is amazing, on the beach. We love it there,” the one-time Yvonne Connolly — and the one-time Mrs Ronan Keating — added.

The seemingly ageless blonde beauty will be  going back at some point, as yet unspecified, before the end of the summer with her beloved brood. “I’ve had a super year,” she said. “I’ve worked hard, and so have my kids. Jack did the Junior Cert and both

Ali and Missy have  worked on movies. So I can’t wait to chill out with them in Portugal for a few weeks.”

With a new TV show (you’d have to tie me to a chair and threaten me with playing Life Is A Roller Coaster on an endless loop to get the title out of me) about to be announced, Yvonne had better enjoy the rest while she can.

Roz jets in from New York next month

It’s all happening on the Algarve, isn’t it? To this diarist’s eyes, Marbella seems so 2007 these days. Or maybe this diarist’s eyes were merely blinded by the matching Persil-white Bermuda shorts of two certain Irish rugby legends and siblings?

Rob and Dave Kearney — for it was they —  were rocking this look on the San Lorenzo golf course on the Algarve with their dad last weekend. My Deep Throat in that part of Iberia tells me that the Kearneys have been going there for years. Still in Quinta do Lago, former Ireland goalkeeper Packie Bonner was spotted in the five-star Conrad hotel with his wife last weekend too.  

Jetting over from her base in New York to her former home in Dublin next month is Irish supermodel Roz Lipsett. She will be spending a few days here before going on to Marbs — so it is not obviously completely old hat — with her sister Avila and some pals. 

My mole in Manhattan told me that Roz, as well as keeping up her flourishing modelling career, is currently working for artist Mr Brainwash — rap superstar Rihanna allegedly bought some of his work recently when she came into his New York gallery. (Doubtless Mr Brainwash, or indeed, Roz didn’t once have to say,  Bitch Better Have My Money.) “So,” said my Roz confidante, “she is really  happy with working with the artist because she’s using her art degree and her passion for art.”

So much passion, so little time, I always say. . .

No rain in Spain for Coulson’s daughter on her big day

They don’t call him The Cooler for nothing. Although last weekend in southern Spain, multi-millionaire Irish financier Paul Coulson - for it was he -  would have had a hard job to stay cool, given it was absolutely scorching hot. . .

The occasion near Marbella, however, was a particularly cool wedding of Moyra — the beautiful daughter of Paul and his lovely wife Moya — to her American beau Mitch.

Over 200 guests flew in from all parts of the world on commercial and private jets for the wedding of the year so far.

The international feel of the wedding was guaranteed. Paul and Moya live in Paris, while the bride and groom live in Los Angeles.

The aforementioned magnificent Moyra wore a beautiful long lace dress and veil as she walked down the aisle at Finca Cortesin Hotel just outside Malaga.

Feted Irish designer Pauric Sweeney and his stunning Italian girlfriend Ludovica Ferrari-Cesena are not yet planning any important trips up aisles just yet.

But next month Pauric and Ludovica are travelling to Ludovica’s family estate outside Milan to meet her parents.

Ludo, as Pauric calls her, is of aristocratic descent, born in Piacenza.

The couple are also travelling to  Patagonia in the autumn.

The Cary Grant doppelgänger — who is Wexford-based in a glorious house on the beach with Ludo —  recently signed a global licensing deal for the Pauric Sweeney label which will also see the launch of furniture under the contract.

Last month he became the creative director of the  global lifestyle brand Elie Tahari in New York.

 It also means Pauric has to travel to New York and Milan every month.

Hate that.

Norah jets in from Thailand as Mary retreats to Italy

Norah Casey came down with a touch of the Oscar Wilde-itis last week when I (as part of my job spec) asked her about news on romance in her life.

“There’s only one thing worse than not dating anyone,” she told me, “It’s someone asking you if you’re dating anyone.”

“A blind date wouldn’t go amiss!” added Norah who split up with her Dublin fire-fighter flame Peter eight months ago. (She revealed to your diarist in February: ”My relationship with Peter ended a few months ago. We tried to keep it private. At this stage, it’s better out than rumoured.

We split up at the end of October. So we managed to keep it under wraps for three months. Not bad going for Dublin!”)

The broadcaster and businesswoman extraordinaire has just returned from a working holiday in Thailand with her teenage son Dara.

 “I was reviewing Etihad’s new apartment in the sky, The Residence — fronted by Nicole Kidman — an amazing double bed, lounge, bathroom. Then we did 10 days of uber luxury at the Banyan Tree and Anantara in Phuket and then up into southern Thailand to stay at an elephant sanctuary.”

Elephants, of course, never forget, and the unforgettable Norah seems to have had a, well, unforgettable


 “We stayed in floating tents and kayaked, did canoeing, learned Thai boxing, Thai cooking. It was great fun. It’s hard work but...”

I hate her already.

Songbird Mary Coughlan is off to Urbino in Italy at the end of August for two weeks for a special kind of holiday. “It’s called a F**k It retreat,” explained Mary. “I read F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John C. Parkin a few years ago and ever since I do a F**k It retreat every year.

“I’m going on my own but John,” she said referring to her boyfriend of 10 years, “will join me for five  days on the beach.”

Milan trip: Ludovica Ferrari-Cesena and Pauric Sweeney

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