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The Edge: Brooke and Ken to have another junior


Brooke McVeigh

Brooke McVeigh

Roz Purcell and Rosanna Davison

Roz Purcell and Rosanna Davison

Virginia Macari

Virginia Macari

Blaise O'Donnell

Blaise O'Donnell

Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde


Brooke McVeigh

It's going to be a great summer. And not just because of the sunny weather.

For one of Ireland's most beautiful women, former model Brooke McVeigh, and her debonair property tycoon husband, Ken Rohan junior, there is a wonderful reason why this will be a fantastic summer. They are expecting a baby.

So there'll be plenty of reason to fire up the barbecue in the garden of their home in England as Brooke and Ken junior, celebrate the arrival of their second child.

And they do know how to celebrate. When the extremely happy couple got engaged in Hong Kong in late September 2009, they held an engagement party two weeks later at Brooke's parents' house in south Dublin for 50 close friends and family members. So you can only imagine the bash to mark Trevor and Marian McVeigh's new grandchild.

Prior to their sojourn in England, Brooke and Ken junior were living in seriously sunny Dubai - where Ken works in his father, multi-millionaire property baron Ken senior's many businesses. Indeed my business Deep Throats tell me that Ken junior has more than inherited his dad's smarts.

No small feat, I'll have you know, as captain of industry Ken senior was named Business & Finance Businessman of the Year in 1981. Ken junior, judging by his own beautiful wife Brooke (a brainy babe, who has a Masters from UCD) has also inherited his father's penchant for a beautiful model.

Ken senior married one of Ireland's most sought after models in the 1960s, the lovely Brenda McManus.

Stop me before I go Irish model crazy, but Ken's older brother Jamie was once, many moons ago, engaged to Miss Ireland 2000, Yvonne Ellard. At the risk of going completely gaga on models I could also mention that Ken's first cousin Shane Reihill is married to one-time Irish supermodel Karin O'Reilly.

But I digress. Brooke and Ken, who were married in the ultra-glam Rohan county Wicklow mansion in July 2011, were at Jamie's wedding to Lucy Nagle in August 2013 at a marquee on the equally ultra-glam grounds of the Nagle family stud farm in Meath. Ken was Best Man at one of the hippest weddings Ireland (or the 300 guests) ever saw.

And doubltess Brooke and Ken, with another child soon on the way, are some of Ireland's hippest parents ever too.

Oliver and the 'War of the Rozes'

A funny thing happened to Oliver Callan on the way to the Coliseum. Sorry, I mean on the way to Grafton Street.

He got caught up in the War of the Rozes last Tuesday. On the Friday before, he had invented a mini feud between my two favourite models, Rosanna Davison and Roz Purcell, on his RTE radio show Callan's Kicks. Oliver possibly hadn't factored in that he would bump into Ms Purcell herself a few days later for a light-hearted encounter.

"Roz was running around St Stephen's Green and next thing I hear an 'Oliver!' when I was getting into my car," Oliver told me. "Without breaking her trot she introduced herself 'I'm Roz Purcell' and she told me with a massive laugh, 'You better watch yourself'. She was joking!" Oliver laughed. The comedian suddenly felt very small. In fairness, Oliver is very small anyway.

"I rarely come face to face with our subjects on Callan's Kicks so I was lost for words for once."

For the record, in the Callan's Kicks sketch, an ultra-posh Rosanna is heard promoting her new cookbook, while, says Oliver, "a coarse and culchie" Roz competes with her own cookbook. The pair then try to out-model each other . . .

"I posed naked in Playboy" against Roz's "I posed topless for LIFE magazine"; or "my other half is Wessie" versus "mine is Bressie"; then "pilates!" and "I never eat". Finally when Rosanna exclaims "my Dad is Chris de Burgh!", Roz, retorts "Hate that!"

" I think Roz knew I was having an ungentlemanly crack at Rosanna," Oliver explained to me yesterday. "She must be treated like a deity in the industry. So I guess I had just committed model blasphemy," he added.

Expect Oliver's hand to wither and fall off and his tongue to blacken in an almost fitting comic agony.

Virginia flies out for swimwear shoot

I Dreamt I dwelt in Marbs. (With apologies to James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.) But unlike your diarist, Virginia Macari is actually living the dream. She lives in Marbs with her two Vikings, husband Kas and their young child Thor.

Perhaps the purest example of Virginia living the dream in southern Spain is that in "exactly two weeks" she will be flying in models from New York and Los Angeles for the exclusive catalogue shoot for her long-awaited new swimsuit range.

My source, who looks like Kas in a certain light, told me exclusively that Virginia has been working her much-admired - not least by Kas - derriere off over the last few months to get finished.

"The swimsuit collection will be available in Miami, St Tropez, Barcelona, Marbella, Positano," the source added .... "New York, Paris. . ."

All the hotspots that your diarist will be reporting on during the soon-to-upon-us long hot summer, in other words.

Meanwhile in New York, Hillary Clinton's favourite hotelier John Fitzpatrick had a famous film star pop into his almost as famous establishment on Lexington Avenue, Fitzpatrick's, last week. "Liam Neeson dropped by the hotel for a chat," John told me, "We ended up talking for over two hours in the restaurant, drinking pots of tea and catching up."

"He is a great support over here," John (who was in Dublin last weekend to see, among others, his VBF Alison Doody) told me from his ever-expanding base in North America.

John is so well got, and connected, in that part of the world that it wouldn't surprise me at all if Hillary Clinton - whom he once introduced me to at a party in Manhattan - asked him to help run her eventual Presidential campaign.

Blaise in blaze of beauty in Dean

It was a blaze of bling in Harcourt Street last weekend. Well - Blaise O'Donnell was in Sophie's the rooftop bar/restaurant of the Dean hotel last weekend in a fetching dress  . . . and that has to count. The beautiful blonde, who didn't know her father was once a billionaire, was in Bono's new favourite bolthole with a few female friends on the Saturday night. 

Ironically, Bono who was in the Dean recently for Adam Clayton's 55th birthday post-party party, lives practically next door to the O'Donnells' controversial house Gorse Hill in Killiney.

Rob Kearney, Dave Kearney and Ian Madigan were also in the Dean last weekend celebrating the Leinster win against Bath. And why not? Further up the road in House (maybe Blaise O'Donnell didn't go there because the name alone would remind her of a certain house overlooking Dublin bay?) Nadia Forde, Pippa O'Connor et al were in that other-place-to-be of a weekend in Dublin. Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham was in the garden area of the Leeson Street club last Saturday. On the Sunday night style guru Paul Galvin was in with his fiancee, Today Fm DJ Louise Duffy.

A very private party to help Harry celebrate

Happy Harry’? This was the case at a very private party on Good Friday in Cafe H on Grand Canal Dock.

A few friends — chief among them his wife Rita who organised it —  gathered to help one of Dublin’s original entrepreneurs Harry Crosbie celebrate his 68th birthday.

My sources tell me that Harry was full of the joys  on his big day. ‘Happy Harry’ is a sobriquet that hasn’t always seemed apt over the years, given his troubles with Nama.

 But Good Friday it was all good for the man who gave Ireland  —  and the world — the Point Depot music venue (now the 3Arena) once upon a time. There was a birthday cake but no candles. The small soiree was decidedly low-key with the guests including his VBFs Michael Colgan, David Blake Knox and Patrick O’Reilly as well as Harry’s kids Simon, Clare and Alison. 

Alison is about to (along with Maureen Hughes and Shimmy Marcus) help put actors in Ireland on the international map more than ever before . . .

Alison, who is generally credited with oodles of creativity, is bringing the hugely influential Spotlight acting agency from the UK to Dublin

to set up a base in the old Jameson building on Bow Street. 

“Spotlight are going to give actors  in Ireland the opportunity to compete,” she told me.

  “We are building  a state-of-the-art audition facility in the premises that means actors in this country won’t now have to fly to London to audition for a part. They can do it here.

“It is going to open up a whole new world to actors in Ireland,” Alison said   adding that tomorrow at 12 noon Spotlight are having an open day. 

Van doesn’t look his age enjoying tea in Dublin

It must be all the Tupelo honey, mustn’t it? Whatever it is, Van  Morrison didn’t look like a man who would be 70 in August.  He was in the lounge area of the Intercontinental Hotel in Ballsbridge in the afternoon last Friday week looking very cool.

It brought me back to the halcyon days in the mid-1990s with Van and Michelle Rocca, and the unforgettable nights we enjoyed in various hotspots around Dublin and beyond: The Shelbourne, The Conrad Hilton, Lillies Bordello, The Great Southern hotel in Galway and the train home the next morning, parties in Sandymount, late night dinners in Roly’s Bistro, La Stampa and the Embassy Grill chipper in Ballsbridge. Michelle used to live two minutes up the road from where Van was enjoying afternoon tea.  

Without his de rigeur hat, but in a suit, the far-from-reclusive superstar was enjoying afternoon tea. Your diarist was in the same Ballsbridge hotel a few days ago to have my regular Thursday lunch with Louis Walsh. (PR deity Rhona Blake is Wednesdays in the Marker, just so you know.) I met driver-to-the-superstars Mick Devine in the Intercontinental parking area. He was driving Paul Simon up to Belfast for his joint show with Sting that night. Intriguingly, Sting was staying in the Merrion Hotel a few miles away. 

Superstars, eh? Former Westlife  pop star Brian McFadden was spotted in Siam in Malahide with his TV star wife Vogue Williams last weekend.  Van Morrison’s favourite interviewer Kim Cattrall was in Siam in Dundrum Town Centre the week before.

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