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The Edge: Bono has fun in Finnegan's as Noel has 17-hour lunch in the sunny Cote d'Azur

'Wherever I lay my hat...' Bono had dinner with two pals
'Wherever I lay my hat...' Bono had dinner with two pals
Lloyd Thornburg on board Phaedo 3 at The Royal Irish Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire. Photo: Colin O'Riordan
Carol and Ian enjoy the sun in Portugal
Rosanna chilled out in the Maldives. Photo: Anthony Woods
Gillian Quinn
Tess won't be giving a speech
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

Bono was spotted two weeks ago in Finnegan's on Sorrento Road in Dalkey with two pals, dining.

I hope he found the entree he was looking for.

And before you ask, the two pals were not part of The Simon Carmody Community. Not that that diminished any of the fun in Finnegan's.

Bono's equally illustrious next-door-neighbour in Killiney, permanently dapper if not dashing Louis Murray was also in Finnegan's on the same evening. (Permanently cutting edge Gavin Friday has just returned from a wedding in Spain.) Bono appears to be always dashing off to his beach-side Xanadu in Eze.

Indeed, Noel Gallagher posted pictures on his Instagram of him and Robert de Niro along with the caption: "So we've been down to The South Of France for a few days and at [a] 17 hour lunch at our friends house THIS..THIS.. Actually happened!!!"

You don't have to be Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau to come to the conclusion perhaps that the 'friend's house' might indeed be Bono's in the Cote d'Azur.

Actually, I just might be turning into the bumbling detective in The Pink Panther because on closer inspection of the white hat on the table in the picture posted by Noel it does bear a certain resemblance to a summer hat worn by none other than a singer in U2.

Multi-millionaire Lloyd enjoys himself at gala until dawn

Lloyd Thornburg on board Phaedo 3 at The Royal Irish Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire. Photo: Colin O'Riordan

Lloyd Thornburg on board Phaedo 3 at The Royal Irish Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire

Hello sailor? American multi-millionaire and sailor Lloyd Thornburg paid a flying visit  (well, he has -  and flies -  his own private jet) to Dublin last weekend to attend an intimate gala dinner organised in his honour at the National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire.

The reason? In truth, when you are that wealthy you don't need a reason but, ok, recently, Lloyd set a new world record for the fastest sail speed around Ireland aboard his racing yacht, Phaedo 3. (It presumably goes a bit faster than Carol Anthony and Ian Rush's yacht in the Algarve.) So there was nothing else for it than for Larry Power, the Commodore of the National Yacht Club, to throw a bash last Friday night. After the beano, Lloyd and the gang taxi-ed into Dublin's city centre where they enjoyed themselves until it was time to catch the 5am departure of Lloyd's jet.

Because it is Lloyd's third trip to Ireland in less than three months, I was curious was 36-year old, and single, Lloyd, interested in Irish women? "Every Irish woman I have met has been wonderful. My history with Ireland has just begun", Lloyd replied, as mysterious as the sea itself.

Carol and Ian in the drink in the Algarve

Carol and Ian enjoy the sun in Portugal

Carol and Ian enjoy the sun in Portugal

The last of the summer whine, anyone? It feels as if the summer is over, doesn't it? Time, then, for a joke. A musician signs up with an orchestra on board a cruise ship and is soon having immense difficulty keeping time with the rest of the orchestra. Finally, the captain takes him aside. "Either you learn to keep time or I'll throw you overboard," he harrumphs. "It's up to you, sync or swim."

Ian Rush and Carol Anthony are very much in sync - indeed the Liverpool FC demi-god and the Cork beauty have been in sync romantically ever since they started dating three years ago. Though they have, also, gone a bit overboard - swimming off the side of their yacht in Quinta do Lago last week.

Ian and Carol, who have a villa in that part of Portugal where they've been for the last three weeks, were on board the chartered yacht with some of Carol's family: her older brother Shane and wife Kerry and their kids Erin and Pippa (Carol's godchild). "The weather is unreal. 36 degrees!" Carol told me on the blower from the Algarve.

Prior to decamping to their bolt-hole there, Ian had been in America on tour with his team Liverpool. And prior to that, Ian had been in France for June and part of July with his other team, Wales. Carol, naturally, accompanied him to France.

So, was Ian over his beloved Wales being knocked out by the tournament's eventual winners, Portugal? And was Carol over her beloved Ireland being knocked out by France?

"Both did themselves proud," Ian told me, "the only nail-biting thing at the semi-final was that Wales could have actually won the Euros."

"That tournament was one of the best experiences ever! Ireland played with their hearts, Wales played as a team!" Carol said, adding that after her and Ian's sunny sojourn in Portugal she is accompanying Ian to Monaco on August 24 because as a new UEFA Ambassador he is doing the live Champions League draw. "Then we'll be coming to Dublin for some charity work."

Hopefully at this stage of the season, albeit early days, Liverpool won't need charity from any of the other top teams in the Premiership.

Once more unto the beach for Rosie

sn Rosanna Davids.jpg
Rosanna chilled out in the Maldives. Photo: Anthony Woods

Rosanna chilled out in the Maldives

Most ultra-luxurious hotels in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean these days don't so much have lifeguards in their exclusive swimming pools as life coaches. When they see you having a paddle in the water, they ask, 'Are  you happy with the decisions you're making?',  and then hand you a water-proof pamphlet for a yoga studio.

Rosanna Davison, who is an advertisement for nutritional and perhaps yogic perfection, had no need of a swish swimming pool last week because she was staying in a private villa in Constance Halaveli on a private island in the Maldives with her beau Wes. "Leaving today but had an amazing time on holiday," she texted me late on Thursday night. "We really wanted a sunny, chill-out few weeks away as it's been such a busy year. It was perfect for us."

Meanwhile, busy-bee Paula Callan, make-up artist to the stars, got away yesterday for her hen in Marbella. It was expected to kick off in La Sala last night before continuing at Ocean Beach today. Paula, who last Wednesday opened her Callan & Co salon in Ballsbridge (Miriam O'Callaghan, Lottie Ryan, among others, attended), is marrying her other half Kevin Cronin on February 4 in the Powerscourt hotel.

Asked to define their chemistry, Paula said: "Well Roz Purcell thinks we're the perfect couple! No - we're just normal, we love doing family stuff together and with four kids that's kind of important! I'm very laid back and Kevin is a bit serious. So we balance each other out." No need for life coaches, then.

Coronation Street comes to Mercer Street

Gillian Quinn


Mercer Street  - or at least part of it - will turn into Coronation Street tomorrow morning for an hour when two of Corrie's stars Ryan Thomas and Alison King jet into Dublin to launch 'MaKe' cookies at Ronan Ryan's  bastion of healthy eating, Counter Culture. The gobbling grandees who will be pitching up to watch soap stars unveil these gluten-free bikkies (stop me before I turn this column into a hotbed of product placement) will include Karl and Pat Henry, Roz Purcell, Anna Daly, to say nothing of Siobhan O'Connor and boyfriend John Norton, and Gillian Quinn, pictured.

Gillian's sister, the peerless Valerie Roe is handling this event, so if Gillian doesn't show up, Valerie might not be best pleased. And might indeed be in need to a bit of comfort eating, courtesy of a certain sweet cookie. Avila Lipsett has definitely gone sweet on a new mystery man. This I know because they were in a limpet-like embrace in the bar of The Dylan hotel Ballsbridge last Friday night. My Deep Throat tells me that lovely Avila -the sister of Irish supermodel-based-in-Amerikay, Roz  - and her mystery chap might even be living together.

Tess not in a tizzy at House despite some notable family absences

Tess won't be giving a speech

Tess in a tizzy? No - Cathal Ryan's colourful widow Tess de Kretser never is. Even though, for the Dublin launch of her Olcote in Ceylon luxury hotel in Sri Lanka next Monday week, a lot of her nearest and dearest are away.

This is possibly one of the drawbacks of having such a big brood of creative types forever on the go with this project or that project around the world. On August 22 in House on Leeson Street, Tess's evening of authentic Sri Lankan delicacies, drinks and entertainment, will be without some notables. . .

"Cillian is in South Africa, Danielle is in Los Angeles," Tess said, referring to her two kids by the aforesaid Ryanair heir Cathal Ryan. "Simone just flew back to New York," Tess said referring to her daughter by John Cullen. "And Caoimhe is leaving on the 16th to see her father in Vietnam," she said, referring to her daughter by Sean O'Maonaigh. "But Issy, Johnny, Shauna and Ali will be there. So half of them, that's good going!"

Another notable - make that very notable - who won't alas be able to attend Tess's great night is her beloved mama, Anneliese, who is 80-years-of-age. "No, she won't be flying in from Sri Lanka." Asked will she be giving a speech at House, Tess laughed and said, "No I don't think so. I will be enjoying the drumming! And you've got to see these male Kandyan dancers. You will not see these anywhere else in the world."

Nothing Tess does surprises me. Nor, I suspect, surprises her.

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