Tuesday 23 October 2018

'The doctors don't understand it' - Irish dad-of-two (32) in miracle recovery after devastating road crash

Amanda and Rob Lambert with their children Emma (8) and Shane (5).
Amanda and Rob Lambert with their children Emma (8) and Shane (5).
Rob Lambert who was injured in a serious road crash last year.
Rob Lambert recovering in hospital after the crash last April.

Geraldine Gittes

A dad-of-two who has bounced back from a serious road crash last year has been described by doctors as a miracle patient.

Robin (Rob) Lambert (32) broke his pelvis, right shoulder, arm and injured his right lung in a motorcycle accident last April. He was bleeding internally such that he had to receive over 60 units of blood that day.

He also had to be resuscitated six times by doctors, with one resuscitation attempt lasting 50 minutes.

Incredibly, his wife Amanda told today that Rob is now almost fully recovered.

“He’s doing remarkably good, much better than what he should be doing. His brain scan shows a completely different person to what Rob actually is. He has three brain injuries.”

“According to the scan he should have lost his sight, mobility, speech, the ability to follow instructions, the ability to dress himself. But he’s not affected. The doctors don’t understand how his brain scan is showing one thing and he’s doing the other.”

“The doctors have told him that his brain scans are very messy and he’s making a remarkable recovery.”

Rob spent nine weeks in the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire until December 8, where he worked on his memory, vision and training his brain.

“He has further brain scans to come on, and he has to go for check-ups. One bang on the head could be it for him. He has an artery in the neck that’s going to the brain, there’s a bulge on it, so they have to monitor that so he doesn’t have a stroke.”

“He’s home permanently now.

Directly after the accident, on his way to Wexford General Hospital, Rob had a cardiac arrest. An emergency CT scan revealed that the right side of his lung had burst.

He was given blood transfusions, but doctors did not know if he would survive.

“His body took the impact on the car in the accident. He was conscious on the roadside but on the way to Wexford he had a cardiac arrest, and by the time he got into Wexford he was after having more.”

“He had massive internal bleeding on his lung and pelvis area. The bleeding hadn’t stopped and they weren’t sure if he was going to be able to get to the Mater alive. But a miracle happened and the bleeding stopped.”

“By some miracle he actually made it to Dublin without dying in the back of the ambulance. He had two major surgeries that night.”

Rob was put in an induced coma, and eventually when he woke up, his faculties slowly started to return.

“He had kidney failure as well when he was on the life support, but they slowly started waking up to see if he could follow direction. They thought he wouldn’t be able to walk, talk, and that he could be incontinent.”

“When they turned off the sedation, he was able to follow instructions, like ‘squeeze my fingers’, but he was totally blind. He had lost all his sight. After a couple of days, he was sitting up, but didn’t have complete vision.”

“He had a tube in through his voice box so he couldn’t tell us anything either. They moved him to Wexford and there his sight was coming back. He was able to see the children; sit up; his balance was coming back. He had gone for scans of the pelvis and after two or three days he was able to walk with a frame.”

Now, Amanda says Rob’s recovery has given them a second chance at life.

“When he got to Dun Laoghaire they were surprised at how he was. They were expecting Robin in a wheelchair.”

“To see him now, knowing the way that he should be. It gave us reason to live our lives as best we can, and don’t take anything for granted. Just be grateful to be alive and well.”

Robin is currently fundraising for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland on his Facebook page. If you’d like to donate, you can do so here:

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