Monday 23 October 2017

Teens: a summer survival kit

π Learn to take deep breaths and pick your rows carefully. Staying in bed till wnoon on a sunny summer day is really not a huge deal. We all did it.

π They will need money so set up a weekly or monthly allowance. It's very easy to lose track of how much you are handing over when you are constantly giving them 'a few euro'. Set a realistic budget and emphasise that they must survive on that. It is amazing how frugal they can be when it's 'their' money.

π Link the allowance to chores. I tend to just leave notes in the kitchen of what I want done while I am out.

π Buy them a Leap Card. Again, it saves you constantly searching pockets and deep recesses of the sofa for coins for the bus or DART or Luas.

π Once they are 16 they can legally work so I would encourage them to seek summer work. Although my current experience is that jobs for that age group are very difficult to find right now. But even just encouraging them to visit local businesses with their CVs is a good experience in itself.

π Finally, and this may or may not work, every so often suggest going for a coffee somewhere with delicious cakes. Teenagers like food and it may result in some quality time together.

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