Friday 24 November 2017

Teen who took to DoneDeal to find a date for the Debs ‘friend-zoned’ all 200 hopeful applicants

Matthew O'Gorman placed an ad on DoneDeal to find a Debs date
Matthew O'Gorman placed an ad on DoneDeal to find a Debs date Newsdesk Newsdesk

A teenager who took to DoneDeal desperately hoping to secure a date to his debs has rejected all 200 applicants after finding the one in real life.

Matthew O’Gorman (18) from Wicklow was panicked about finding a date to his debs after ending a relationship ahead of the Leaving Certificate and placed an advertisement on to find a girl to share the magical evening with.

“Well the relationship ended and I had to do my Leaving Cert and things like that so I wasn’t really able to go out and look for a debs date,” said Matthew speaking to Anton Savage on Today FM.

“My DoneDeal ad went into my situation and then some details about myself. I don’t smoke, I enjoy having a bit of fun. I have a good sense of humour. My Mammy says I’m good looking so we’ll leave it at that.

“I had a quote from my Mammy in it. ‘He’s the most handsome boy in the world and any girl would be lucky to have him’.

“I said that I played rugby and I sailed,” he said.

Matthew O'Gorman placed an ad on DoneDeal to find a Debs date
Matthew O'Gorman placed an ad on DoneDeal to find a Debs date

The teenager revealed that although the ad was tongue-in-cheek at the beginning, hundreds of people applied for the opportunity to accompany the rugby player to the debs.

“At first my friends thought it was a joke and I treated as a joke as well but then it sort of exploded really. I kept getting texts about it. About 200 women got in touch. Boys and girls.

“I tried to text them all to give them all a chance. I asked them to tell me a bit about themselves.

“I just took it from there.

“There were a few standouts. I narrowed it down then. First thing, I added them on Facebook and then on Snapchat to make sure I wasn’t being catfished,” he said.

Despite the hundreds of eager hopefuls keen to accompany Matthew to his debs on Thursday, the teenager revealed he was forced to call a halt on the selection process after a girl he fancied agreed to go with him.

Matthew revealed he informed all of those who had applied that he had made alternative plans, and apologised for “friend-zoning 50 girls at once”.

“I had asked this girl to go with me but she couldn’t get time off work, but then her boss heard me on the radio and he said ‘This guy must be desperate. You better go with him’.

“I’m very excited. I haven’t seen her dress.

“They all know now that I have a debs date but I’ll probably stay in contact with them as friends. I’ve just friendzoned 50 girls,” he said.

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