Tuesday 24 October 2017

Taste test Sourdough Bread

Katy McGuinness

Because true sourdough bread is a fermented food, it's gut-friendly, and many people who have a problem digesting mass-produced bread find that they have no difficulty with sourdough. Real sourdough requires only flour, salt, water and sourdough starter, which is made from water, yeast, sugar and flour. If you don't eat a lot of bread, keep it in the freezer for toasting a slice at a time.

Tartine Bakery Country White, 540g, €4.10, 9/10

Our testers' favourite, by a long stretch. This organic loaf is made in Dublin and contains only flour, water, salt and yeast. It's chewy, tangy and completely delicious toasted.

The Natural Bakery Spelt Sourdough, 550-600g, €3, 7/10

This boule-shaped loaf looks the real deal, and is made with spelt which is a grain that those with wheat intolerance may find easier to digest. The only ingredients are white spelt flour, water and salt. Tasty.

Tesco Finest Sourdough, 380g, €2, 5/10

Tesco's soft sourdough loaf (99c) is better suited to sandwiches, but this unsliced version displays more typical sourdough characteristics. It contains 'wheat flour, sourdough starter (34pc), water, salt, wheat gluten, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid), ND processing aid (enzymes), malted barley, yeast, dried fermented wheat flour, malted wheat flour'. Makes decent toast.

Marks & Spencer San Francisco Style Sourdough, 600g, €3, 5/10 A dense sliced loaf containing wheat flour, water, salt, dried fermented wheat flour, malted wheat flour, malted barley flour, and vitamin D yeast. Nice tangy flavour but quite heavy.

Aldi Specially Selected White Sourdough Loaf, 600g, 99c, 5/10

The most suitable for sandwiches of the loaves that we tested, but our testers felt that it lacked tang. The ingredients include rapeseed oil, soya flour and ascorbic acid.

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