Thursday 18 January 2018

Taste test Rib-eye Steak

Rib-eye seems to be everyone's favourite cut of steak these days - it's more flavoursome than fillet and no longer just something that you'll find on restaurant menus.

Most beef is wet- rather than dry-aged as the meat loses weight and therefore value when it is dry-aged. None of the supermarket steaks that we tested had been dry-aged, and the packaging merely stated that the meat had been matured, which implies wet-aging. We tested five different rib-eye steaks, one from a butcher and the other four from the supermarkets.

We cooked them all medium rare on the barbecue over charcoal, rubbed with a little olive oil and seasoned only with salt, which we sprinkled on immediately before cooking to promote the Maillard reaction that gives steak cooked this way its wonderful taste.

James Whelan Butchers,

2 rib-eye steaks, 550g,

€17.47 9/10

The meat had lovely marbling without too much fat, and the flavour was fantastic. Pat Whelan raises Angus cattle on his family farm in Tipperary and dry-ages the meat on the bone, before hand-cutting the steaks. The winner.

Tesco Finest Angus Rib-eye Steaks, 450g, €11.50 8/10

Really good flavour and texture. The meat is Irish and matured for 28 days. Our testers rated this very highly.

Dunnes, Simply Better 28-Day Matured Irish Angus Rib- Eye Steaks, 450g, €11.99 7/10

Tougher than the Tesco steaks but still with very good flavour. Tasty.

Aldi 100% Irish Angus Rib-Eye Steaks, 454g, €11.49 5/10

We were disappointed with the Aldi rib-eye. It, too, is aged for 28 days, but the meat lacked flavour, despite having good marbling. These steaks won a Great Taste award in 2014, but perhaps they came from a different farmer.

Lidl Inisvale Selection Irish Hereford Rib-Eye Steaks, 450g, €11.49 4/10

Our testers found these Lidl steaks tough, and without much in the way of flavour, despite being matured on the bone for 14 days and then for a further 14 off the bone.

Irish Independent

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