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Taste test: Houmous

We tested classic full-fat houmous
We tested classic full-fat houmous
Katy McGuinness

Katy McGuinness

We tested classic full-fat houmous. Perceived as a healthy food - ingredients are chickpeas, sesame seeds, lemon, garlic and oil - it's worth keeping an eye on the contents as some contain a hefty amount of salt, fat and calories.

Cabots of Wesport Hummus, 190g, €4.05, 9/10

Fresh and lemony, this Irish-made houmous has 0.9g of salt per 100g and 232 calories. Pricey though.

Old MacDonnells Farm Hummus, 220g, €3.50, 7/10

The rough consistency of this Irish-made houmous is described as Greek style and it contains no artificial ingredients. On the downside, the flavour is a tad bland. The salt content is under 2pc and it has just 165 calories per 100g.

Aldi The Deli Houmous, 200g, 79c, 7/10

Good flavour and an unbeatable price. Salt is modest at 0.64 per 100g, but calories are high at 346.

Lidl Meadow Fresh Houmous, 200g, 79C, 7/10

Good flavour and a great price. Contains 0.58g of salt and 351 calories per 100g, so a 50g serving would give you 9pc of your calories and 5pc of your salt for a day.

Tesco Houmous, 200g, €2.10 (promotion: 2 for €3), 6/10

With 320 calories and 1.1g of salt per 100g, a quarter pot serving of this houmous would give you 8pc of your calories and salt for the day. The flavour is pretty good.

Laragh Stuart Hummus, 170g, €4.19, 5/10

Our testers found the lemon and salt overwhelming in this houmous. Contains just 215 calories per 100g, there is no figure given for salt. Pricey.

Sol Houmous (widely available), 200g, €1.90, 4/10

The taste of chickpeas is to the fore in this houmous, which has a low salt content of 0.2g per 100g, and only 172 calories. There's a long list of ingredients, including several 'E' numbers. Our testers were underwhelmed.

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