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Taste test Chicken Stock

Call it stock, call it bone broth, call it bouillon, call it whatever you like.

We were looking for a stock that would contribute real flavour and depth to a gravy or soup, in the same way that the quivering jelly that you get when you simmer a good chicken carcass does.

The conclusion of our testers? For the best flavour and control over the ingredients, make your own.

Bunalun Organic Chicken Bouillon, 140g, €3.29, 8/10

This organic Irish bouillon is made by adding hot water to powder - four teaspoons makes one litre.

It's got good chicken flavour and it's also very handy, because you can make just as much or as little as you need. Good value.

John Lusty Chicken Stock, 392g, €2.99, 8/10

This tinned stock is rich and full-flavoured, very chicken-y. Have it on its own if you are under the weather.

Sadie's Kitchen Comforting Chicken Bone Broth, 350ml, €4.50, 7/10

This Irish-made stock is made with free-range chicken bones and organic apple cider vinegar. The ingredient list is superior, but the flavour is a little bland. Pricey.

Kallo Organic Chicken, 66g (6 stock cubes), €2.15, 6/10

With decent flavour, these Kallo stock cubes are organic and a good price. Worthy of shelf space.

Just Bouillon Chicken, 84g (6 stock cubes), €2.15, 6/10

More assertive than the Kallo cubes, so if flavour rather than organic is the priority, this is a good general-purpose option.

Atkins & Potts Classic Chicken Stock, 350g, €3.29, 5/10

This stock is clear and filtered, and comes in a plastic pouch. There's a bit of sharpness to the flavour that may come from the yeast extract.

However, our testers felt that there was not enough chicken flavour and it was expensive.

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