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Sustainable living: Start a crop of microgreens


Grow your own microgreens

Grow your own microgreens

Grow your own microgreens

Gardening isn't as inviting at this time of year, but there is always a way to bring a little green-fingered-ness to your world. Microgreens are those tiny vegetables and leaves you see garnishing your plate in restaurants. Growing your own takes little space, and only a few ingredients - all you need is a window sill, some compost and a few packets of seeds.

The benefits of microgreens are many: they are at their peak of nutrition, having just burst forth from seeds, and you just cut and use as much as you need.

To grow your own, fill a tray with compost - this can be a plastic tray that contained fruit or meat, just make sure it's well washed. Water the compost and sprinkle on a thin layer of seeds such as broccoli, kale or any brassica. Cover with a thin layer of compost and water with a spray. Keep the tray somewhere bright and water daily with the sprayer.

Within 10 days, you should have a tray of delicious greens to be snipped as needed and enjoyed raw. Start another tray when this one is ready so you have a continuous crop.

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