Thursday 22 March 2018

Stylewatch: Work that wedding

Angela Scanlon
Angela Scanlon

It's wedding season. For many of us, this translates to us losing all sense of personal style. Normally, we wouldn't dream of florals or flounce. We receive a wedding invitation, and find ourselves buying something in hot pink.

We dress like a bridesmaid, essentially, without actually having to suffer that particular torture. The throw-the-kitchen-sink-complete-with-matching-fascinator-at-it approach to the big day out is passe. Now, when we buy occasion wear, we want to look like grown-ups, not entrants to a 'lovely girls' competition. Also, we'd like to wear something that isn't so colourful, or printed, that once it has been worn, our acquaintances will never forget it. We want more longevity from our big spends. So we're more in the market for the perfect blazer, or a beautifully cut pair of pants. See Angela Scanlon, left,  for the ideal 'how to do  dressing up like a grown-up'.

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