Friday 23 March 2018

Stylewatch: The Metrosexual 2.0

Rob Kearney
Rob Kearney

There's a new breed of male on the cultural landscape. He's kind of an enlightened type, into his reformer Pilates, his turmeric shots, and his AeroPress coffee, but he also still favours a bootcut jean and is likely to have slightly terrible hair.

He's not be confused with the spindly hipster male, who wears vasectomy-inducing skinny jeans and has a €100-a-month hair habit, although they might be friends on Snapchat. The metrosexual 2.0 is more of a kind of highbrow jock. He probably has investments in an app that delivers a selection of coffee beans, chosen for their aura-enhancing properties, to customers each week - it's called Bean and Nothingness.

He's also involved in a gourmet doughnut parlour, but essentially, he's still 'one of the lads'. In fact, they're all going on a silent retreat to Portugal next week. Rugby player Rob Kearney, pictured, is probably his spirit animal.

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