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Stylewatch: Little-girl length


Pippa O'Connor

Pippa O'Connor

Pippa O'Connor

It's a thing that happens every summer - little-girl lengths on grown women. You know the type; you sit down and suddenly you're awkwardly pulling your dress down because the hem is up around the tops of your thighs. And the waist of the dress is actually up somewhere around your ribcage.

As a rule, we like to avoid dictums about not wearing certain things after a certain age. But this sort of thing, which is mostly done by the cheaper high-street retailers - saving on fabric? - shouldn't really be worn by anyone who is no longer in school.

It's tempting to just buy tat when it comes to summer clothes. And while cheap and cheerful is perfect for the sun holiday, for day-to-day life, you do need to spend a bit of money on a few decent summer dresses. See Pippa O'Connor in this perfectly grown-up striped summer dress.

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