Monday 23 October 2017

Style Notebook: Get Laura's look and Bruce's style

Laura Whitmore
Laura Whitmore
River Island
River Island
French Connection
The Row
Jimmy Choo
Korky's, 39.99
River Island
Watch, €120, Nixon, Raglan, 
56-58 Drury St, D2, see
Penneys coat, €35

Nailing summer black is a lot to do with the two 'A's: attitude and accessories.

Sure, Whitmore has the body of a gamine with the head of a young Brigitte Bardot, but, actually, this is a look we can all emulate. She keeps her black separates neat and figure flattering, without veering into skintight Kardashianism. Dainty gold jewellery sets the chic tone of the piece. And all the while Whitmore perches atop her strappy high heels, she adopts a pose of pure dominance as she surveys her domain.  


No Rags just riches at Raglan

We love a good stroke these days - ha, no, nothing like that! - we're talking about multi-purpose shops like those phone shop-stroke-launderettes we see around the city's side streets.

Often, these pairings are incongruous, but new boutique Raglan on Dublin's Drury St marries two concepts that were made for each other: coffee and high-end, edgy urban streetwear. Never ones for an impulse buy, we like that we can ruminate while we caffeinate. Raglan stocks cult brands sourced by the owner, Amy Hamilton, from around the world. With a background in fine art and retail, Hamilton is curating a boutique that truly brings a new dimension to Dublin's fashion scene.


Chic Cheat: The It Coat

We know it's FOMO (fear of missing out) gone mad when tons of us have already bought our winter wrap-up, while many of us are still on our summer holiday.

We reckon the coat is pretty much the only thing we need to get right this coming autumn/winter to ace next season's fash 101. Word on the street is that Prada and Marni got such a phenomenal run on pre-orders, there's barely a blanket coat left. Luckily, Penneys never lets us down and this tartan number, €35, 
has 'It coat' written all over it. Pair it with city shorts and brogues for the next few weeks to 
get maximum value out the slightly preposterous, but evidently necessary, act of buying a coat 
in late summer.

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