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So Over: The reverse 16/61

For a while there, our biggest annoyance was the 16/61 brigade - the middle-aged women so starved, suctioned, injected, plucked and puckered that, at a great distance, they look 16. But now we are seeing the rise of the reverse 16/61 - or lamb dressed as mutton, if you will. Take the curious case of Rosie D, right, for example. Arguably, this is the hottest young woman in Ireland; always groomed, glamorous and gorgeous. But here, we're seeing what looks to be an unnerving and pitch-perfect homage to Bet Lynch. The too-tight leathers, the leopard print and the push-up bra are all conspiring to age up our fave Irish beauty. Face-wise, she's as stunning as ever, but from the neck down, it's definitely a touch of Corrie, circa 1994.

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