Thursday 19 April 2018

So Over: Squad Goals

No hashtag in sight: Model buddies Irma and Teo
No hashtag in sight: Model buddies Irma and Teo

Tay Tay and her 'squad' have ruined female friendships. Appara we can't just be friends with each other any more - our friendships have to be 'empowering', a word that's rapidly losing all goddamn meaning through overuse and misuse. With our friendships, we have to be working towards #squadgoals and broadcasting our cool through social-media posts with our besties.

We can't help but feel the squads are nothing more than a glorified clique masquerading as 'sisterhood' - another term we'd like to ditch, or limit its usage, at the very least. Can't we all - men, women, children and animals - just be friends? Without some pseudo-feminist agenda? Check out model buddies Irma and Teo, pictured, enjoying each other's company, with not a tiresome empowering hashtag in sight. #Refreshing.

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