Monday 19 March 2018

So over: Peak mamil

Gentle self-mockery: Bono and Jimmy Fallon.
Gentle self-mockery: Bono and Jimmy Fallon.

Maybe it's the summer weather that's bringing cyclists out in droves, but, maybe not for the first time, we've reached peak Mamil (middle-aged men in Lycra).

There's the droning on at the office water-cooler about the hundred of kilometres they covered at the weekend. As if this most boring of pursuits is somehow made exciting by passing the 200km mark. Then, there's the fist-pumping conversations about how psyched they are; from middle-aged men, this is cringe-inducing stuff. Then, of course, there's the wizened, overly sun-exposed physique. And the  age-old fact that it subjects the rest of us to looking at middle-aged men in Lycra. It's time to take a leaf from Bono's book, and take the whole thing a little less seriously. Not only has he always resisted Lycra while cycling, but now, post the accident, he's actually indulging in a little gentle self-mockery about the whole cycling thing, as seen with Jimmy Fallon on a sketch for The Tonight Show.

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