Tuesday 16 January 2018

So over: orthorexia and over-exercising

Model Pippa O'Connor Ormond who is expecting her second child.
Model Pippa O'Connor Ormond who is expecting her second child.

The perfect body, the perfect diet - what's wrong with just good enough?

We're over having to strive for five gym visits a week, plus yoga on top of that, and a totally clean-and-lean diet.

Achieving the perfect body or diet isn't actually good for you. It sets unrealistic standards that aren't sustainable on a long-term basis. Yes, you get that high when you train all the time. And you think, 'This is it, I'll do this for life'. And, for a while, you delude yourself that you now enjoy eating clean so much, you're actually craving turkey, broccoli and sweet potato. Then life gets in the way, and this sort of rigid diet and almost-daily exercise becomes unsustainable.

No one can maintain perfection on a long-term basis. And the problem, then, is that normal never feels quite right again. When you revert to a regular body weight, you think you're fat. Suddenly, eating normally - ie, generally healthily but with some bad stuff - is considered unhealthy. Why bother, we say?

Thankfully, model Pippa O'Connor Ormond, who is expecting her second child, never jumped on that particular bandwagon.

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