Wednesday 23 May 2018

So over: Grand Canyon cleavage

Shauna Lindsay
Shauna Lindsay

We've had low cut, we've had side boob. We weathered those. Now, though, we seem to be into a kind of arms race of exposure, a see-you-raise-you round of flesh-baring.

 Primarily, this involves swathes of exposed front boob, but this increasingly extends down almost as far as the navel, revealing a broad stretch of ribcage. And, in some cases, is fast reaching three-quarter-boob stage. Now, that is a whole lot of something to be showing off; you might even call it peak cleavage. And so it is time to invoke the less-is-more rule.

The recent VIP Style Awards were dominated by dresses that were gloriously full around the skirts, but slashed to nothing across the front. The most exuberant embracers wore gowns that looked more like cut-away swimsuits pared with skirts - see Shauna Lindsay, pictured. Enough, now.

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