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So Over: Fun Fur Overkill


Angela Scanlon

Angela Scanlon

Angela Scanlon

A couple of bad winters, and suddenly we all feel it's necessary to start dressing like the Romanovs. Sadly, the head-to-toe fur-fest is total overkill for the mild Irish winters; fun-fur fans pay a hefty price for their homage to the Russian aristos, in the form of profuse sweating, which, when teamed with a whole lot of polyester, can cause said garment - and the unfortunate garment-wearer - to resemble roadkill.

We know you were aiming for 'VeeBee slope-side', but put the fur gilet Liffey-side, add a light drizzle, and it looks more like something dredged out of the river. Instead, make like AnScan - Angela Scanlan, left, - who is working an Irish-winter-appropriate fur here.

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