Saturday 24 March 2018

So in demand, just not in a glamorous way

My phone pinged for the twentieth time and my friend commented that I was much in demand. Her not unreasonable assumption was that a whole lot of phone pings means a whole lot of people wanting to get in contact which in turn suggests popularity. Or busy-ness.

There is a different noise for each medium of communication. One email makes a kind of swoop, the other makes a proper ping. Whatsapp goes ding, Messenger does a longer ding, text messages do something called Aurora. And there are times when it can be busy enough in terms of traffic, but that's because about 80pc of my life is run through the phone. And whilst the selection of pings occasionally means I'm in demand, it's not invites to go disco dancing or some of my friends from Ashley Madison warning me we're about to get busted. It's far more prosaic than that.

Email is almost always work. Fine, grand, bring it on. Before internet messaging apps I used to have very heavy text traffic, but that was 90pc about organising my then much smaller children's social lives. Playdates, parties, drop-offs, picks-ups. Now they do their own arranging so I get texts from my parents, mother in-law, two friends and the bin company every Monday evening.

Oh and occasionally the phone company to warn me my bill is coming up and it better not bounce again. Pff. Whatsapp is mostly social, so it's the quietest.

Messenger was exclusively social but now Girlchild has taken to using it for her requests and, since he has moved away to Foreign and committed the kindly act of unblocking me as a friend on Facebook, much of the traffic is from my Boychild.

And so it was the day I sat with my friend and my pinging phone. The Girlchild was pinging to ask if I was going to be back in time for taxi duties and did we have any bread?The Boychild was pinging to ask which colours could go together in a wash. "Yea but wot if jeans are grey?" So yeah, I'm in demand, Just not maybe the way the pinging suggests.

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