Wednesday 13 November 2019

You could be wasting over 750 litres of water a day!

Some figures suggest that today just 1% of world water is fit for human consumption, so there has never been a better time to conserve

Below are 5 simple ways to save water around your home

1 Keep it brief

There's nothing like having a long shower to unwind after a tough day. However, you could be using up to 18 litres a minute during that luxurious scrub!

The shower is the third biggest water consumer in the home, after washing machines and toilets, so by reducing your time spent under the water you can save water and money. Installing an energy efficient showerhead is another great way to save, as they use up to 30% less water.

Top tip:

A good rule of thumb is a shower should be as long as one three-minute song. Any less, that's great! One song more is OK too. But if you're singing along to three different songs, you should begin to rethink your shower habits!

2 Leaking money?

Did you know that a leaky toilet could waste over 750 litres of water a day? Or were you aware that a dripping tap could use an unnecessary 11 litres over the course of 24 hours?

By repairing leaks early you can save a lot of water, and hassle. If your appliances are old you may need to consider investing in a more energy efficient model.

Top tip:

For persisting problems it's always advisable to contact a plumber, however sometimes a leaky faucet can be solved with the turn of a spanner.

3 'Grey' water is your friend

When you're finished washing the vegetables, what do you do with the left over water? Or what about when you're changing your pet's drinking water, do you ever just throw away what's left in the bowl?

Maybe you should think twice, because that water has some use. While drinking this 'grey' water is not recommended, there's no need to throw it down the drain.

Plants don't need fresh water to survive, so why not use this excess water in the garden?

Top tip:

Get into the habit of pouring that left over glass of water on your bedside locker onto a potted plant. It's the little habits that combine to make big savings.

4 Fill it up!

The dishwasher and washing machine are together two of the biggest water hogs in the home. A washing machine on full load consumes 65 litres of water, while dishwashers use around 20 litres. However, by only half loading these appliances you are wasting water and energy.

Always remember to only turn them on when they're full and you'll save cash and H20!

Top tip:

Another great way to conserve water is to only put the water you need into the kettle. By not filling the kettle to the brim every time you will also save electricity.

5 Being great outdoors

Garden hoses are notoriously inefficient water users. The average hose will spray more water in an hour than an entire home will use in a day!

When cleaning windows and cars, use a bucket of water. That way you will only use what you need. And as previously mentioned, use any 'grey' water that isn't soapy on your plants. When using fresh water from the hose on plants use a watering can. Spraying your shrubs and flowers with the hose is wasteful.

Top tip:

Millions of litres of water are wasted during the summer months in keeping the grass on lawns looking green. Although grass can become brown or yellow during hot weather, it does not die.

Hold off on dousing your lawn with water. Wait until the rain comes (Which won't be long in Ireland!) and when it does it will be glowing green again in no time.

Kids corner

3 ways the little ones can save water

* Make sure the tap is off when brushing your teeth, this can save up to 6 litres a minute!

* When washing your pets do it outside on the lawn so you double the water usage, and have fun on a sunny day!

* If you drop ice cubes by accident remember not to throw them in the bin or sink. Put it into a pet bowl or into a potted plant.

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